See Kate Beckinsale Pitch Her Own James Bond With Her Cat In Glorious Title Scene Video

By Britta DeVore | 3 days ago

Kate Beckinsale

We aren’t entirely sure if Kate Beckinsale is just incredibly bored or incredibly funny, or maybe a bit of both, but she’s cracking us up with her latest Instagram post. The actress is known for sharing her love for her two cats, Clive and Willow, as well as her puffy Pomeranian, Myf, and while each pet gets its fair share of screentime, Beckinsale is hoping to further Clive’s career in her latest post. Dressed to the nines in a tuxedo with circular sunglasses to match, we see Clive through a rolled-up cone as Kate Beckinsale reenacts the iconic opening credits scene of the James Bond movies. Purrfectly patient as his mom pushes for his new career in showbiz, the furry Clive sits still until he’s performed his duties and receives his end-of-the-shot chin scratch.

In the post’s caption, Beckinsale wrote, “We will take next James Bond or next Prime Minister your choice,” optioning her beloved side-kick to head to Hollywood or Parliament in a leadership position. Not only a shout-out to the suave spy franchise, but Kate Beckinsale’s post specifically threw it back to the 1971 flick, Diamonds Are Forever. In the opening gun barrel shot, we see the usual shadowy agent strolling around and taking aim before we’re introduced to a white Turkish Angora cat, decked out in a dazzling diamond necklace. While Clive is a gray Persian cat, the similarities between the two are uncanny and one thing is for sure – both felines are living the high life!

Kate Beckinsale’s Clive is the latest Hollywood superstar to throw his hat into the ring in hopes of becoming the next James Bond. Donning the tuxedo and beginning to order his martini shaken and not stirred beginning in 2006, Daniel Craig would take on the role over the next 15 years in a total of five films. Following the wrap on the latest flick, No Time to Die, in which Craig’s Bond faced down Rami Malek’s Safin, Craig announced that this would be his final go-around of stepping into the world of the mysterious spy. Since then, actors including The Rock, Tom Holland, and Henry Cavill have thrown their hats into the ring, but with Clive as a contender, they’ll need to watch their backs. 

Although it’s one of the most iconic roles a performer could nab, the title of James Bond doesn’t come without a price. The dedication it takes to play a character for years upon years means that whoever nabs it would need to turn down other work opportunities and would forever solidify themselves as James Bond in the public eye. Idris Elba has been long rumored to be another name in the Bond game, and he’s painfully aware of the downside to playing the iconic spy. During an interview with Glamour, Elba acknowledged that with a part this huge, “whoever ends up playing it lives it.” And for this, Clive may want to make sure his mom, Kate Beckinsale, gets him a really great manager – or stays on as a momager. It isn’t always easy being the top dog, er cat, in line to be an international super-spy, but we think Clive would be a shoo-in. And if he bombs his auditions, there’s always the Prime Minister position!