Chris Hemsworth Ready To Be The Next James Bond

Chris Hemsworth looks like he is ready to take on the role of James Bond with the actor pulling off the iconic tuxedo in a recent pic.

By Doug Norrie | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

chris hemsworth james bond

We are likely going to be gearing up for a few years of speculation about who is going to be the next James Bond. With Daniel Craig just recently ending his extraordinary run as the character, it doesn’t seem like the studio is in any hurry to name his successor. But that hasn’t stopped fans from throwing names in the right, or actors saying they’d be happy to take on the role. One of those folks is Chris Hemsworth who is on record in the past as having wanted a crack at the chance. Well recently, he posted a picture that showed he can pull off at least one part of the James Bond character, the tuxedo. 

In an Instagram post to his personal account, Chris Hemsworth is pictured in a full tuxedo, cutting the look of James Bond through and through. This one was for the Boss clothing brand, but the style is iconic and indicative of what we’ve often gotten with James Bond throughout the years. The faces of 007 may have changed, but that tux has been something of a staple throughout the franchise. Check out Chris Hemsworth very much looking the part. 

A few years ago, Chris Hemsworth was asked about whether he’d be interested in taking on the role of James Bond at some point. He was pretty forthright in his interest even at the time. He said in an interview with Balance magazine (via TheWrap) that one of his movies even acted as an “audition tape” for the role. He was referring to his lead in Rush, the race car driving biopic in which he played British F1 driver James Hunt. Considering that character was a womanizing, over-confident daredevil, it was probably as close as he’s gotten to embodying certain key James Bond characteristics on the big screen. Hemsworth said, “I don’t think you’ll ever meet anyone who doesn’t want to have a crack at James Bond. I’d love to do it.”

Whether Chris Hemsworth ever takes on the role of James Bond remains to be seen. Among those in the running, he isn’t sitting anywhere near the top of the current betting odds for who will next play the character. As of this writing, Tom Hardy was in the lead at +400 (via Oddschecker) followed by Tom Hopper, Rege-Jean Page, Richard Madden, James Norton, Jamie Bell, and then Henry Cavill. Idris Elba seemed to have been in the running but it’s being reported that he’ll join the franchise in a different role, possibly a villain. 

As for Chris Hemsworth, he’s plenty busy these days. He’s set to return to the Marvel Cinematic Universe when we finally get Thor: Love and Thunder. Plus, he’s coming out with Extraction 2, the sequel to the Netflix hit in which he’ll reprise his role of Tyler Rake. And who could forget the upcoming biopic in which he’ll star as Hulk Hogan. Finally, there is the Mad Max Fury Road prequel Furiosa. We’ll see if one day James Bond is also in the cards.