Get Out Star Expected The Movie To Win Oscars

Allison Williams was so excited to work with Jordan Peele on Get Out, that she immediately predicted the horror film would win Oscars. Against all odds, the actress' prediction turned out to be correct.

By Mark McKee | Updated

Allison Williams has been working on the press tour for her upcoming film, releasing this weekend, M3GAN, following a young girl and her aunt who creates an AI friend to assist in their transition. During one of her interviews with Entertainment Weekly, the actress dished on her experiences working in the horror genre, starting with her role in Jordan Peele’s Get OutThe Perfection, and finally, James Wan’s Chucky for Gen-Zs, M3GAN. According to Williams, she was so excited about her project with Jordan Peele, that she went into the project believing it would win Oscars. 

Allison Williams told her publisher that she thought the film was going to be nominated for Oscars, to which she said her publicist called her delusional, questioning what kind of person goes into a film like this with that kind of confidence. She went on to talk about her experience filming the movie and recalled that everyone showed up at her rented house and hung out. The experience was obviously positive enough to endear her to the genre, as she continued to work on other horror projects following Get Out.  

“Before I left to film it, I told my publicist that I thought it would be nominated for Oscars. She was like, this girl is delusional….Then, much to her shock, I happened to be right.”

Allison Williams on her excitement over Get Out

However delusional her publisher may have thought she was, Allison Williams was absolutely correct, as the film landed four nominations (Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actor, Best Original Screenplay) and one win (Best Original Screenplay). Jordan Peele became the fourth African-American to be nominated for Best Original Screenplay, joining John Singleton, Spike Lee, and Suzanne de Passe, and the first to win; he also became only the third filmmaker to earn nominations for Best Picture, Best Director, and Best Original Screenplay in a debut film. On top of the Oscars, the film also picked up two Golden Globes, and numerous other accolades from a variety of organizations and clubs. 

Violet McGraw and Allison Williams in M3GAN

Allison Williams went on to star in The Perfection, appearing as Charlotte, who manipulates a young girl who had to drop out of a prestigious music school, first drugging her with a hallucinogen and then convincing her to cut off her own hand with a meat cleaver. She showed that she could play the deeply manipulative character in more than just seducing the male lead in Get Out, but leading the female lead down a sinister path of lunacy by pushing her at every turn. She then took a complete 180-degree turn with her role in the Netflix adaptation of Lemony Snicket and a Series of Unfortunate Events alongside Neil Patrick Harris and Patrick Warburton. 

Williams then turned back toward the horror genre when she got the script written by James Wan, who architected the Saw and Conjuring franchises. She is playing Gemma, a young roboticist who finds herself out of her depth when her late sibling’s child is put in her care; desperate to help her niece, she creates an AI doll charged to protect her, who, of course, takes that mission to a murderous end in a reinvention of the Chucky doll trope. With her ability to choose award-winning horror films combined with the master of modern horror himself, Allison Williams looks like she could have another horror hit on her hands.