Fubar – Everything About The Arnold Schwarzenegger Netflix Series

Arnold Schwarzenegger will star in Netflix's FUBAR which is due to release on May 25, 2023.

By Rick Gonzales | Updated

Arnold Schwarzenegger fubar

The list of popular characters Arnold Schwarzenegger has played over his 50-plus-year career is remarkable. It all began with Hercules but then moved to Conan, the Terminator, John Matrix, Dutch, Julius Benedict, Quaid, Richard Kimball, Jack Slater, and True Lies’ Harry. Now we can add Luke Brunner to the long list of Arnie’s characters, as the former will be featured in Arnie’s very first scripted series, Netflix’s FUBAR.

Let’s take a look at everything we know about the Governator’s move to the streamer.


Arnold Schwarzenegger fubar

For those not in the know, FUBAR is a military acronym that stands for “Fucked Up Beyond All Repair” or “Fucked Up Beyond All Recognition.” It is just one of the many fun military acronyms created over the years and one that appears to be quite fitting for this new Arnold Schwarzenegger series. The movie is an anticipated return to Arnie’s action roots, one that he is also looking forward to.

“Everywhere I go, people ask me when I’m going to do another big action comedy like True Lies. Well, here it is,” Schwarzenegger said recently in a statement.

“FUBAR will kick your ass and make you laugh – and not just for two hours. You get a whole season. It’s been a joy to work with Nick [Santora], Skydance, and Netflix to give my fans exactly what they’ve been waiting for.


Of course, the plot line is going to sound familiar, but it also sounds like it is going to be a fun time. The series, which sits at eight episodes with no word on if there will be a second season as of yet, follows Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Luke Brunner who is a father and a secret CIA operative.

The international spy series then turns into a family affair when Brunner discovers that his daughter, Emma (played by Top Gun: Maverick’s Monica Barbaro) is also a secret CIA operative.

Over the eight episodes, FUBAR and Arnold Schwarzenegger promise a ton of fun and ass-kicking while drawing on the family dynamic of a father-and-daughter relationship that has been built on lies. They will obviously have to put their differences aside as they team up to thwart bad guys from doing bad things. Along the way, you may see some familiar faces. Speaking of …


So, we know that FUBAR marks the return of Arnold Schwarzenegger to his action roots and we also know that up-and-coming star Monica Barbaro is joining him as his daughter.

Who else has signed on for the fun and games? FUBAR will see Fabiana Udenio (Alotta Fagina in Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery) as Tally Brunner. Plus, there is Adam Pally, Fortune Feimster, Aparna Brielle, Barbara Eve Harris, and Milan Carter. You will also see Jay Baruchel and Travis Van Winkle.

Oh and don’t forget a special appearance from Tom Arnold, who played opposite Arnold Schwarzenegger in True Lies.


While Arnold Schwarzenegger serves as FUBAR’s executive producer, the series was created by Nick Santora, who also serves as the showrunner and one of the series’ writers. Santora couldn’t contain his excitement when he spoke about getting Arnold to star in his creation.

“FUBAR is, by far, the most surreal project of my career,” said Santora via Men’s Health. “I grew up watching Arnold Schwarzenegger films — I’d hit my dad up for a few bucks so I could race to the movies and see the biggest star in the world on the big screen — so creating the first scripted television project for Arnold is unbelievably exciting for me.”

He continued, “The thing I always marveled at was how Schwarzenegger could be funny while still kicking ass … that’s why I wanted FUBAR to be a hysterical, CIA-spy comedy mixed with heart-stopping action! And it is all that – and more. I’d love to elaborate with more details, but, sorry, it’s classified.”

Joining Santora, at least for the first episode, is Phil Abraham, who takes on the directing duties. As there are no other directors listed, the assumption here is that Abraham will be sitting in the director’s chair for all eight episodes.


It is coming sooner rather than later, thankfully. According to Netflix, who will be bringing Arnie’s action to his fans, the series will premiere on May 25, 2023. Even better, Arnold Schwarzenegger and his FUBAR cast will have all eight episodes available to stream and binge that very same day.


Netflix has released a teaser trailer for FUBAR that quickly highlights some of Arnie’s shenanigans. One of the very first things we see from The Terminator star is him lighting up a trademark cigar.

We then see quick clips of him on a motorcycle, firing a gun, driving a sportscar while delivering the line, “I’m back baby,” and finally Arnie walking on a boat dock with an unnamed lady as she “sack taps” him. The teaser lasts a mere 23 seconds but it definitely hits the spot. You can see it above.


The man was born on July 30, 1947, making the action star and ex-California Governor an aging one. At 75, just how much longer can Arnie put on those action pants? Well, FUBAR is not the last fans will see of Arnie.

Rumor has it he is in line for another TV series. This one is called Outrider and appears to be a western. Here, Arnie is said to be playing Marshall, a ruthless man who has to team up with a deputy to track a legendary outlaw. Sounds promising.

Of course, Arnie will also be back as one of his more popular characters when he stars in The Legend of Conan. The film is already in development and will be interesting to see Arnie wearing Conan’s crown one more time.

Finally, Arnold Schwarzenegger looks to return to his comedy roots as well when he reteams with Danny DeVito as Julius and Vincent Benedict in Triplets. This time, the mismatched twins find out that they have a third sibling. It was said that Eddie Murphy was to play the part of the third sibling but that may no longer be the case. Tracy Morgan appears to have taken Murphy’s place in the film.

What kind of excitement is out there for Arnold Schwarzenegger’s first scripted TV series, FUBAR? It looks fun and action-packed. Tell us what you think.