Arnold Schwarzenegger Being Told By Friends To Stop Doing One Dangerous Thing?

Arnold Schwarzenegger's friends have pleaded with the actor to hire a chauffeur following numerous car accidents over the past few months.

By Britta DeVore | Updated

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After constantly finding himself in the wrong place at the wrong time, friends of Arnold Schwarzenegger fear that The Terminator star won’t be back one of these times. According to Radar Online, friends of the famed action star-turned-politician are begging their muscle-bound pal to hire a chauffeur as he keeps getting into automobile accidents. Although the collisions are never his fault, those close to the Twins star are begging him to let someone else sit behind the wheel and tote him around the bustling and – quite frankly – mind-numbing and maddening highways and streets of Los Angeles.

According to an insider, Arnold Schwarzenegger loves taking one of his many cars for a spin around the city, but they add that the 75-year-old, who recently underwent heart surgery, “seems to be cursed” as he’s found himself in accident after accident. Most recently, the bodybuilding legend was driving his black SUV down San Vicente Blvd in the neighborhood of Brentwood in early February when he struck a female cyclist. From the report filed at the scene, the Running Man star wasn’t to blame for the incident as the cyclist swerved into his lane, but she was taken to the E.R. to be treated for her injuries. 

Luckily, this accident had a happy ending, with both Arnold Schwarzenegger and the woman not sustaining any serious injuries. The police ruled in Schwarzenegger’s favor saying that the actor wasn’t driving fast when the accident took place and that the cyclist was at fault for turning too quickly. A source close to the actor says that in the cutest move of positivity, Schwarzenegger took the woman’s bike to a repair shop to have it tuned up for her. 

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While this accident is being ruled as an unfortunate mishap, those close to Arnold Schwarzenegger are still wishing that he’d take the steps necessary to avoid any future similar dangerous events. Last January, the actor was part of a multi-car collision in which his SUV smashed into a Prius, landing on top of it and hitting a Porsche. While Schwarzenegger was okay, one of the other drivers was admitted to the hospital.

Although he’s been away from the acting world for a few years, Arnold Schwarzenegger is on his way back to both television and film by way of two new projects. While it hasn’t received an official release window, we know this year will see the muscle-bound performer joining the cast of David Sandberg’s Kung Fury 2. The film, which will also star Michael Fassbender, Alexandra Shipp, Ralf Moeller, and Jorma Taccone, will take place in 1985 Miami and serve as a sequel to Sandberg’s 2015 featurette Kung Fury

For what will be his first time starring in a televised production, 2023 will also see Arnold Schwarzenegger taking the lead in the spy-centered Netflix series FUBAR. In it, he and Monica Barbaro will star as a father-daughter duo who both work for the CIA but have kept each other in the dark about their secrets over the years. When they each discover what their family member has been hiding, comedic hijinks ensue as the pair strike out on a mission to better understand one another. Hopefully, Schwarzenegger will be hitching a ride to and from the set every day.