Exclusive: Se7en Series From David Fincher In The Works At Netflix

We've learned that David Fincher is developing a Se7en series for Netflix.

By Erika Hanson | Updated

Get ready for “What’s in the box,” the line made famous by Brad Pitt to become relevant again. GFR‘s trusted and proven sources tell us that Se7en, the critically acclaimed crime thriller from 1995, is getting the television treatment over at Netflix. To make this news even more exciting, we are told that original film director David Fincher is back to direct the upcoming series. 

Other details remain unknown besides the fact that David Fincher will base the Netflix show on his original film. Se7en starred Brad Pitt as David Mills, a young, arrogant detective eager to prove himself, and Morgan Freeman as the ready-to-retire veteran, William Somerset, partnered with Pitt’s Mills for the movie’s big case. While we’d love to see both actors reprise their roles for the new series (one would be particularly hard to pull off), we have no word on whether or not the story will even feature the same characters as the film.

David Fincher’s Se7en had a lucrative run at the box office and was generally well-received by critics and audiences alike. The story follows Freeman and Pitt’s characters as they track down a serial killer, played by Kevin Spacey. Known only as John Doe, the murderer uses the seven deadly sins as a driving force to lay out his vicious plans.

It wouldn’t make sense for Netflix’s Se7en series to completely remake David Fincher’s original movie into a series (unless possibly a limited one), so we speculate that the show could follow multiple cases with different suspects. Netflix isn’t known for producing reboots like Disney or other streamers. However, Fincher is no stranger to producing original content for the streaming behemoth.

Kevin Spacey in Se7en

David Fincher has a long history working with Netflix. The 60-year-old filmmaker directed and served as executive producer on one of Netflix’s first original series, House of Cards. Reteaming with a Se7en star, the hit series saw Kevin Spacey as a politician for five of the show’s seven seasons.

Netflix’s Mindhunter saw David Fincher recreate some of his Se7en magic for Netflix. Starring Jonathan Groff and Holt McCallany as FBI agents, that series was also lauded and earned Fincher a Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Directing for a Drama Series. 

David Fincher also has worked on other Netflix projects, including the animated series Love, Death & Robots, and Voir. Because of his long-lasting relationship with the company, it isn’t surprising that Netflix would tap Fincher to bring Se7en into the 21st century. 

While we don’t want to get our hopes up, the possibilities of when and where David Fincher’s new series will take place are endless, so we could see some familiar faces pop up in the series. Kevin Spacey could return in a Hannibal manner to give a new detective insight, or Morgan Freeman could be called out of retirement for the case of a lifetime. One thing’s for sure; we will keep you updated about any news on the upcoming Se7en series as soon as we know more.