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The Alien Sequel That Doesn’t Deserve All The Hate

Most fans of the Alien franchise consider Alien 3 the Voldemort of the franchise. Fans think of this sequel that …

3 days ago

Netflix Sci-Fi Thriller Comedy Horror Series Gives Creators Free Reign To Go Wild

The 2019 adult animated anthology series Love, Death & Robots is streaming on Netflix. Created by Tim Miller, the show features a …

2 weeks ago

David Fincher Deserved A Trilogy For This Dark Crime Thriller Mystery

It is always tragic when a great movie built to be a trilogy fails to get the sequels it deserves. …

3 weeks ago

20000 leagues under the sea

What Happened To David Fincher’s 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea Movie?

Back in the 2012-2013 range, it really looked like we were going to pair a great director with a great …

1 month ago

The Social Network 2 Finally Happening?

Movie buffs fondly remember The Social Network, with dialogue by Aaron Sorkin and direction by David Fincher. This movie made …

2 months ago

the goon david fincher

What Happened To David Fincher’s The Goon Adaptation?

Back in 2012, David Fincher gave real hope about adapting Eric Powell’s camp-filled, zombie-noir comic book The Goon. He’d been …

2 months ago

netflix avatar

Netflix Blows Away Earnings Estimates, Subscriber Growth Continues Streaming Dominance

Netflix is having a good start to 2024. The streaming giant recently revealed that total membership numbers rose 16 percent …

2 months ago

The Sci-Fi Space Classic Novel Finally Getting Adaptation Thanks To Dune Director

Although he’s directed some great movies in the past, like Blade Runner 2049, Denis Villeneuve is mostly known for his work …

2 months ago

The Most Influential Crime Thriller Of All Time Gets Long-Awaited Upgrade

1967’s Le Samourai is a hugely influential and timelessly stylish film, and now there’s a definitive way to watch it. …

2 months ago

Netflix Kills Auteur Director’s Project And It Won’t Be The First

The New York Times reported that Oscar-winning director Katheryn Bigelow dropped out of her Netflix film Aurora a few months …

2 months ago

The Best Jack Nicholson Crime Thriller Mystery Gets Must-Own Upgrade

On June 20, it will be 50 years since the Jack Nicholson neo-noir classic Chinatown was released in theaters. To …

2 months ago

denzel washington deja vu

Denzel Washington Nearly Starred In The Best Crime Thriller Of The ’90s

During the ’90s, Denzel Washington dominated the screen in films like Malcolm X and Crimson Tide among others. However, he …

2 months ago

The Greatest Crime Horror Thriller Of The ’90s Is Coming To IMAX

David Fincher’s Se7en will have a special IMAX screening at the upcoming TCM Classic Film Festival. The event will be …

3 months ago

love death + robots

Netflix Sci-Fi Series Is Secret Sequel To Groundbreaking 80s Movie

If you’re wondering where the heck David Fincher’s long-awaited and highly-anticipated remake of 1981’s Heavy Metal is, you’ll be pleased …

3 months ago

The Bloody Sci-Fi Thriller On Hulu Launched Legendary Director’s Career

Alien is perhaps one of the best-known movie franchises worldwide, having spawned four mainline installments and at least five spin-offs. …

4 months ago

Drew Barrymore m3gan

Alfred Hitchcock Classic Getting Remade By Scream Creator

Horror fans have a lot to look forward to as it’s been revealed that Kevin Williamson will be behind the …

4 months ago

marvel spotlight

Marvel Star Calls Hollywood “Bleak” For Creativity

Madame Web‘s Dakota Johnson is the latest performer from the ever-expanding world of comic book movies to weigh in on …

4 months ago

Netflix Raising Prices Once Again After Record Holiday

Per recent news reports, Netflix is preparing to hike its prices yet again in 2024. This news comes after the …

5 months ago

david fincher netflix

Netflix Secures Modern Master Director For Three More Years

David Fincher has renewed his contract with Netflix for another three years, in a clear showing of his allegiances toward …

5 months ago

Netflix’s #1 Movie Is A Violent Crime Thriller From A Master Director

The Killer is currently the number one movie streaming on Netflix today, and it’s a must-see if you’re into the …

7 months ago

David Fincher Is All In With Netflix, New Movie Announced And More

According to an exclusive write-up in Collider, visionary filmmaker David Fincher has announced plans to helm yet another Netflix original …

7 months ago

david fincher

David Fincher Responds To Fight Club Becoming Beloved By Bad People

Artists have long been plagued with issues regarding the interpretation of their works as tacit approval of the behavior depicted …

8 months ago

The Social Network 2 Actually In Talks, David Fincher Reveals

Fans of David Fincher’s Netflix series, Mindhunter may still be dealing with the devastating news that the thriller series will …

8 months ago

Se7en Director Reveals Plans For World War Z Sequel

World War Z, released in June 2013, was a box office smash, grossing over $540 million worldwide. Although a sequel …

8 months ago

ben affleck

Ben Affleck Only Landed Blockbuster Role Because Of Awkwardness

Ben Affleck has earned a reputation for looking somewhat disinterested during appearances and press tours. However, his apparent awkwardness seamlessly …

8 months ago

The Riveting Serial Killer Thriller On Streaming That Will Leave You Speechless

Thriller fans and horror fanatics–saints and sinners alike–rejoice: Se7en is streaming on Hulu. Starring Brad Pitt, Morgan Freeman, Kevin Spacey, and …

9 months ago


Alien Sequel On Streaming Started Career Of Oscar-Nominated Director

What does an Alien 3 Blu-Ray and the movie Se7en have in common? If you answered “we’re scared to look …

9 months ago

the killer netflix

The Killer Netflix Trailer Reveals An Amazing Hitman Thriller

Netflix doesn’t really have the best track record with comic book adaptations; releases such as Jupiter’s Legacy, Daybreak, Space Force, …

10 months ago

margot robbie

Exclusive: David Fincher Making Sci-Fi Serenity’s Edge For Netflix, Margot Robbie Eyed For Lead

David Fincher is bringing another movie to Netflix, and it’s a sci-fi story that will bend and blow your mind!

12 months ago