Netflix Secures Modern Master Director For Three More Years

By TeeJay Small | Published

david fincher netflix

David Fincher has renewed his contract with Netflix for another three years, in a clear showing of his allegiances toward the streamer. Fincher has been faithfully working with Netflix for over a decade now, beginning their creative partnership with House of Cards in 2013. His latest film outing, The Killer, was a Netflix original which was given a limited theatrical run before streaming on the platform.

Netflix And David Fincher

david fincher netflix

While some fans have been confused by David Fincher going all-in on Netflix, the auteur filmmaker has made it clear that he feels the streamer provides the best home for his work for the foreseeable future. Fincher has a long history of fighting with studio executives to green-light certain — often highly provocative — elements of his films, resulting in a contentious relationship with many traditional film studios. Netflix, on the other hand, has proven more amenable to giving David Fincher the money and creative control he needs to bring his vision to life.

Fincher’s Netflix Work

david fincher netflix

The deal has been highly lucrative for both David Fincher and the Netflix platform. Since first partnering up to bring House of Cards to the platform, Fincher has gone on to helm a number of other projects, including Mindhunter, Love Death + Robots, and Mank, before trotting out the recently released The Killer. Each of these projects handily make money for the streamer, and garner a great deal of attention from fans across social media.

A Perfect Match

david fincher netflix

Fincher’s most recent outing was meant to be his last per his current contract, which was set to close in 2024. That is, until recent reports confirmed that David Fincher had renewed his Netflix contract through 2027, for an unspecified number of projects to come in the next 3 years. Based on recent comments the Fight Club filmmaker has made regarding his creative control at the streamer, it seems clear that Fincher has no problem working with the company, so long as Netflix continues to function as-is on the creative side.

Nothing Lasts Forever

Of course, things could soon change in that regard, as Netflix has grown in recent years to become more and more like the studio system the streamer once usurped. This was seen throughout 2023, as the streaming service voraciously held out against striking WGA and SAG-AFTRA union members who demanded fair pay and benefits. While Netflix is surely content to pay the David Fincher whatever rate he demands to retain his name on their library, with a cast and crew, Fincher can’t make anything.

All Blue Skies

Regardless, this news will surely delight fans of David Fincher’s last several projects which premiered on Netflix. The Killer and Mank have 86 percent and 83 percent certified fresh Rotten Tomato scores respectively, proving that the director still has the ability to produce an excellent project without the constant speed-bumps presented by the traditional studio system. For now, no new Fincher projects have been announced, though the acclaimed director is surely cooking something up right now.

Source: World of Reel