The Greatest Crime Horror Thriller Of The ’90s Is Coming To IMAX

By Robert Scucci | Published

David Fincher’s Se7en will have a special IMAX screening at the upcoming TCM Classic Film Festival. The event will be held from April 18-21 in Hollywood, and the film will be a 4K restoration sourced from its original negative, which Fincher has alluded to in the past. Fincher first spoke about restoring his timeless horror classic back in 2023 when he told the audience at the Tribeca Festival about his intention to update the film.

Se7en Was A Surprise Hit

Se7en, which was an unexpected hit back in 1995, has gone down in film history as one of the most iconic crime thrillers of its time, and it has the box office numbers to prove it. Ahead of its original premiere, test audiences weren’t so sure that Se7en would perform well because of its horrifying and bleak twist ending. But the Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman-starring film went on to earn over $327 million at the box office.

Or as we should now refer to it, the “what’s in the box?!” office.

The Perfect Pairing

Critically speaking, Se7en boasts an 83 percent critical score against an audience score of 95 percent on Rotten Tomatoes. Pitt and Freeman were both universally praised for their on-screen dynamic, which is adversarial at times but not without a healthy amount of comradery.

There Would Be No Fight Club Without Se7en

What’s more, Se7en was such a resounding success that it revitalized Fincher’s career. Leaning heavily into its neo-noir aesthetic, Se7en also marked a turning point for Brad Pitt’s career, as it allowed him to gain credibility as a serious actor who thrives in a dark setting. Just four years later, Pitt would again work under Fincher’s direction and star in Fight Club with his portrayal of the infamous and charismatic Tyler Durden, one of his most memorable roles.

What Makes Se7en Work

Focusing on a series of murders committed by a psychopath inspired by the seven deadly sins, Se7en thrusts its viewers into an unnamed city overrun with crime. Brad Pitt‘s David Mills partners with Morgan Freeman’s William Somerset, and their performances are elevated by their wildly different investigative approaches, which causes them to question each other’s motives. Despite the clash of personality between the two detectives, they work together with a common goal in mind: to apprehend the mysterious killer before he claims all seven of his victims.

The 4K Restoration

Nearly 30 years after its original release, Se7en will return to the big screen with updated visuals that will surely make for a stunning viewing experience. Fincher has gone on record stating that he will not change any core elements of the film with his 4K restoration. Though he has mentioned that some background elements will be enhanced, he will not pull a Stephen Spielberg and replace guns with handheld radios or flashlights.

If you’re disappointed over the fact that Se7en is only getting a limited IMAX screening, you’ll be pleased to know that the 4K Blu-ray collector’s edition will be available for purchase before you know it. On May 3, you can purchase the Ultimate Collector’s Edition, or the What’s In The Box Special Edition. Both box sets will be jam-packed with special features and collectible items, and will be a worthy addition to your horror collection.