Alfred Hitchcock Classic Getting Remade By Scream Creator

By Britta DeVore | Published

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Horror fans have a lot to look forward to as it’s been revealed that Kevin Williamson will be behind the adaptations of a handful of new spooky scary projects. The man known for creating the Scream franchise as well as penning scripts for other ‘90s classics like I Know What You Did Last Summer and The Faculty will be in charge of a series revamp of Alfred Hitchcock’s beloved psychological thriller Rear Window, an adaptation of Ruth Ware’s book The It Girl, an original project titled The Waterfront, and a reimagining of David Fincher’s feature The Game.

The Deal Making It Possible

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Williamson’s deal falls with Universal Television, meaning that his projects will all come from the studio. Out of the four titles, the two that will strike particular intrigue for fans of the pulse-pounding thriller and horror genres are likely Rear Window (which will eventually debut on Peacock) and The Game. For the latter, Williamson will join forces with the original film’s writers, John Brancato and Michael Ferris as both will serve as executive producers on the project.

Williamson’s Influence Is Wide

Whether you realize it or not, Williamson is likely behind many of your favorite films and TV shows, making him the perfect person to dig into such iconic titles as Rear Window and The Game. Along with his sprawling background penning films like the original Scream as well as its second and fourth installments, Williamson also was the brains behind the scripts for Cursed and Sick. In the world of television, Williamson delivered the world one of the most widely revered teen dramas of the ‘90s, Dawson’s Creek, and also created and worked on The Vampire Diaries, The Following, and Tell Me a Story

Rear Window

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For those who may have not seen Alfred Hitchcock’s genre-defying and dizzying thriller, Rear Window, the genius film essentially takes place in one room. In it, Jimmy Stewart (who many will recognize from his leading role in the quintessential Christmas classic It’s a Wonderful Life), stars as a photographer bound to a wheelchair with nothing to do while he heals but to stare out the window to the shared courtyard of his apartment building. While watching the normal humdrum goings on, he eventually sees something that he can’t explain.

Outside of his rear window, Stewart’s Jeff believes he witnessed a brutal murder carried out by one of his neighbors across the way. The problem is, he alone can’t guarantee that what he thinks he saw was real and, because he’s tied to his wheelchair, sends his girlfriend, Lisa (Grace Kelly) to check things out – ultimately putting her on a crash course with a supposed killer. With the police unwilling to investigate the supposed crime, Jeff and Lisa get more and more embroiled in the possible case, delivering some downright nail-biting moments in their search for the truth.

A Career Defining Film

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The original film went down in history as one of Alfred Hitchcock’s best, right up there with Vertigo, Psycho, and The Birds. A favorite among that year’s award cycle, Rear Window would nab four Academy Award nominations (including for Best Director) and also the Best Fim nod at the BAFTAs. It was also the second time that Hitchcock worked alongside his leading man, Stewart, as the pair previously teamed up for 1948’s Rope and would go on to work on titles including The Man Who Knew Too Much and Vertigo.

More To Come

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Aside from Rear Window’s eventual release onto Peacock, we don’t have any further information surrounding release windows for that or any of the other projects. Stay tuned for updates.

Source: Deadline