Exclusive: Margot Robbie In Final Talks For Major Marvel Role

Her comic book movie adventures have just begun.

By Michileen Martin | Published

margot robbie

Margot Robbie may not be done with Harley Quinn just yet, but that doesn’t mean she’s letting the Suicide Squad’s most unpredictable member be the end of her comic book movie adventures. Our trusted and proven source has let us know Margot Robbie is close to cementing herself a role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The star of the upcoming Barbie film will apparently not only play a Marvel character, but she is reportedly in final talks for one of the biggest roles in the cinematic narrative.

Our source didn’t furnish us with the name of the precise character though we have some educated guesses. Rather than keep you in suspense we’ll tell you right off the bat who we think she’s playing. All things considered, we think Margot Robbie is in final talks with Marvel to play the White Queen herself, Emma Frost.

emma frost
Emma Frost #7, Marvel Comics 2004

We’ve already seen a live-action Emma Frost on the big screen — January Jones played her in 2011’s X-Men: First Class, but the version we got in the flick pales in comparison to the Emma Frost of the source material. While she was first introduced as a villain in 1979’s X-Men #129, ever since she joined the X-Men after the destruction of Genosha during Grant Morrison’s game-changing New X-Men run, Frost has consistently been one of the most powerful (in terms of both influence and sheer physical and psychic might) and riveting characters in the mythos. In the 2019-2020 Dawn of X event which saw almost all of Marvel’s mutants unite on the island nation of Krakoa, Frost has been one of the new country’s most indomitable leaders. Margot Robbie would be an amazing choice to portray the intelligence, ruthlessness, and sexiness of Marvel’s White Queen.

Why do we think Emma Frost is the most likely role Margot Robbie will inhabit for Marvel? Well, while our source wasn’t able to tell us much about the part, they did say it was a “huge” role. While we can think of other Marvel parts Robbie would be tremendous in, none of them would be quite as well described with the word “huge” as that of Emma Frost. However Kevin Feige and co. plan to incorporate mutants into the larger MCU, it seems more than likely the Krakoa storyline will be a part of it. And if that’s the case, Emma Frost will be one of the most instrumental characters in that tale.

There’s another X-Men hero Margot Robbie has been fan cast as a bit, though we don’t think she’s the one Marvel has tapped her for. Last October the Hungary-based fan artist m.design34 posted their rendering of Robbie as Alison Blaire, aka the mutant hero Dazzler, sparking speculation about a possible casting. While we do think Robbie would be incredible as Dazzler, she wouldn’t be our first choice for a hero described as “huge” in terms of the narrative. Regardless, you can check out m.design34’s rendering above.