Exclusive: Amber Heard Is Getting Her Own Solo Action Movie

Amber Heard is going to be an action hero.

By Drew Dietsch | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

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Amber Heard is certainly best known for her involvement in the DC universe as Mera, but she has flirted with original action roles in the past as well. Whether it’s attempting to stop a demonic cult in Drive Angry or playing a CIA assassin in 3 Days to Kill, the actress has had her fair share of action roles over the course of her career. While she is slated to appear in Aquaman 2, exactly what else her acting future holds has been in question. That is until we here at Giant Freakin Robot were able to obtain some exclusive information from one of our trusted and proven insider sources. Now, we know exactly what is on the horizon for the Hollywood starlet.

According to our info, Amber Heard is set to star as the lead character in an adaptation of Fallen Angel, a novel by author Chuck Logan. The story centers around Captain Jessie Kraig, a talented pilot who finds herself the sole survivor of a helicopter crash. As she deals with brain injuries related to the crash, she struggles to figure out just what happened as outside forces move against her in order to keep her from revealing what she actually knows but can’t remember. It’s a taut action-thriller that looks to be geared as a starring vehicle for Amber Heard.

Even though she continues to be a strong presence in tentpole films, Amber Heard has not really been given the chance to headline an action movie of her own. Fallen Angel would see her as the top-billed talent and would shine the spotlight directly on her. It definitely sounds like this is a project that is being tailored to push her into another caliber of leading actress. It will test her ability to be the focal point of a story as well as her talents in balancing action and drama in a leading role. All around, there is no question this is an attempt to craft the start of a new era in Heard’s career.

amber heard

And she is going to need a change in her public persona after the copious attention that has been paid to her nasty divorce from ex-husband Johnny Depp. One of the latest developments says that Amber Heard is being investigated by the Los Angeles Police Department in relation to perjury surrounding claims of Depp being abusive to her. And that is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the many accusations being flung from both camps. It has caused a serious rift in pop culture as people seem determined to take one side or the other. This has led to Heard’s status in the world of pop culture becoming unavoidably controversial. It is possible that Fallen Angel will act as a way to gauge whether or not audiences will accept her as a leading actor in a movie.

The production is still searching for some key roles – a director has yet to be chosen – but Amber Heard is definitely attached as the lead for Fallen Angel. Depending on how things shake out with Aquaman 2 and her divorce, we will have to wait and see just how quickly this goes into production.