Ethan Hawke Opens Up About His Fate In The Marvel Universe

Ethan Hawke recently sat down and revealed as to what Moon Knight will be for the MCU, and if his future in the MCU will go past this mini-series.

By James Brizuela | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

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Ethan Hawke has finally joined the MCU, but in a way that might only be a short-lived experience. Hawke is set to play the villainous Arthur Harrow in the Moon Knight series for Disney+. While we all patiently wait to see the premiere on March 30th, the actor sat down and answered some questions about the possibility that he could reprise his role later within the MCU. According to Hawke when asked if Moon Knight will continue on in a second season, “It lives and breathes on its own merits, it functions as a limited series – and if people are engaged and excited by it then it could be the origin story of a larger thing.”

While this answer has a bit of vagueness to it, it certainly seems as if Disney+ and series creator, Jeremy Slater, are waiting to see what the critic and fan reception will be before they make a judgment call on Moon Knight continuing past the first season. Ethan Hawke is a fantastic actor, so the hope would be that he finds a way to remain in the MCU past this show. He was also asked about the possibility of himself and Oscar Isaac returning or if the new show is a one-shot series. “The good news is that it’s possibly both,” Hawk said. Another vague answer, but it appears as if the man might be playing the coy part for a would-be season two.

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Moon Knight is another on the growing list of MCU shows that Disney+ has acquired. The most recent has been that of WandaVision and Falcon and Winter Solider. Moon Knight is the next up on the slate for Marvel and landing both Oscar Isaac and Ethan Hawke was huge. Hopefully, they can be added to further projects. Arthur Harrow does have ties to the experiments that were conducted at Auschwitz-Birkenau via the comics. That could mean that his ties could be to a larger threat with H.Y.D.R.A. Another deeper connection could be that of Magneto, who was experimented on during his time at Auschwitz. With the possibility that the mutants are about to appear in the MCU, Harrow could be a bridging point for the shows and films to incorporate mutants for the first official time in the MCU. Doctor Strange 2 has hinted at Professor Xaiver being in the film, so maybe Moon Knight will be the first show to bring in the mutant element. Technically WandaVision did that with Wiccan and Speed, but they have not been labeled mutants yet.

There has been no mention of how comic accurate both Moon Knight and Harrow are supposed to be, but it’s going to be fantastic to see Ethan Hawke be one of the villains within the MCU. Especially considering he is about to go against Oscar Isaac. We all cannot wait to see the upcoming action in this new series. The trailer is already hinting at quite an exciting show, and Isaac looks incredible in his costume. Moon Knight officially drops on March 30th. The Disney+ mini-series is only six episodes long, with the above-mentioned Jeremy Slater having written the first episode. Six episodes certainly do not feel like enough, so hopefully, Mr. Hawke is right in presuming that the series will continue on into a potential second season.