See Elizabeth Hurley Stretching In Small White Bikini

Elizabeth Hurley models one of her new bikinis on a tropical island.

By Jonathan Klotz | Updated

Elizabeth Hurley is not only a fantastic actress, but she’s also one of the best parts of Instagram. The British star’s latest post features her on a tropical island, surrounded by a gorgeous forest, while wearing a white bikini. Not content with just being successful on the big screen, Hurley is also an entrepreneur modeling her own line of bikinis, aptly named Elizabeth Hurley Beach.

The first of the photos shows Elizabeth Hurley from the side, while the second has her facing the camera head-on, and it’s hard to decide which one is better. Both manage to show off her latest swimsuit and her impossibly slender figure that hasn’t aged since she first burst onto the scene in the 90s, but she’s aging like the most expensive bottle of wine. Given the Bedazzled star’s affinity for beaches, it makes sense she’d create a line of beachwear, and even more that her latest projects have all been filmed in some of the most gorgeous locations on the planet.

Christmas in the Caribbean is a pure fantasy film, as in no reality would Elizabeth Hurley actually be abandoned at the alter. Her character, Rachel, was though, resulting in a trip to the Caribbean with her girlfriends to get away and recover. Filmed on location in Saint Kitts and Nevis, Hurley decided to share behind-the-scenes video of her bikini-centric wardrobe while relaxing between takes.

Elizabeth Hurley’s other recent films, the British comedy films Father Christmas is Back and Christmas in Paradise, co-starred Kelsey Grammer and Billy Ray Cyrus. Neither was a major hit, but at this point in her career, the Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery star has nothing to prove and a successful business. If she wants to be like George Clooney and make films based on getting paid to take a tropical vacation, then all the more power to her.

elizabeth hurley bedazzled
Elizabeth Hurley in Bedazzled

Strictly Confidential, the only upcoming film listed on Elizabeth Hurley’s IMDb page, is drastically different from the tropical Christmas films of the past few years. Written and directed by her son, Damien Hurley, the film is a thriller following a woman investigating her friend’s suicide. This is his directorial debut in a feature film, following his brief stint on The Royals, as the Prince of Liechtenstein.

The Royals is notable for being the first original series for the E! Network. Following a fictional British royal family, the series starred Elizabeth Hurley as Queen Helena, the matriarch of the scandal-plagued family. Rounding out the titular royals were William Moseley, Alexandra Park, Jake Maskell, and Tom Austen.

Though it went off the air in 2018, The Royals remains a guilty pleasure, especially for fans of The Crown that crave more salacious tales of the British Monarchy. Beyond starring in her son’s upcoming film, Elizabeth Hurley has no other projects in the works, but it’s almost swimsuit season, so we can expect her marketing campaign for her fashion line to ramp up from here.