See Elizabeth Hurley Wearing A Tropical White Bikini

Elizabeth Hurley designs and models her own beachwear, including this white bikini and flowing robe.

By Jonathan Klotz | Updated

elizabeth hurley

Elizabeth Hurley is 57 years old and still rocking a bikini, which at this rate, is something she’ll be doing for the next few decades. The British beauty recently shared a few photos to Instagram of herself decked out in beachwear from her own fashion line. While it’s the flowing robe that’s the newest addition to her extensive catalog, it’s the first photo that will get the most attention.

Against a tropical background picture, Elizabeth Hurley’s white bikini stands out against the flower pattern of her robe. Proving that the model knows her angles, the second photo with a closed robe gives a hint of leg while removing the bikini from sight. Using her own body to frame the parrot robe, Hurley does more with nothing than some models do with a room of props.

The Austin Powers star has previously shared photos of herself in the same gold-chain Celestial bikini, which means it’s likely a favorite of hers. Elizabeth Hurley has been a world-class model since 1995, when, with no prior experience, she was hired as the face of Estee Lauder. After capturing the world’s attention as Hugh Grant’s date at the premiere for Four Weddings and a Funeral in 1994, it’s no wonder a major company snatched up the gorgeous rising star.

Then, 10 years later in 2005, Elizabeth Hurley launched her own line of beachwear, which she has modeled herself for the past 18 years. At first, the swimwear was only available at Harrod’s in the UK before expanding to Sak’s Fifth Avenue in the United States a few years later. After a decade of wearing clothing designed by others, the career change from model to mogul made sense and it has been highly profitable for the actress.

elizabeth hurley
Kelsey Grammer and Elizabeth Hurley in Christmas in Paradise

In addition to her yearly fashion commitments, Elizabeth Hurley is still acting on a regular basis. For the past three years, she’s co-starred in a romantic comedy, with the last few films Christmas-themed. Playing Joanne Christmas in Father Christmas is Back and Christmas in Paradise opposite John Clease and Kelsey Grammar, the films were low-budget affairs distributed by Netflix.

Elizabeth Hurley’s most recent film, Christmas in the Caribbean, was released last December starring the Bedazzled actress as Rachel, a woman left at the altar who takes a vacation with her best friends, played by Caroline Quentin and Nathalie Cox. In the process, Rachel meets Alessandro, played by Edoardo Costa, a man vacationing with his family and the two quickly fall in love while in the Caribbean.

For as long as Elizabeth Hurley is modeling and acting, fans will be there for her. Even in smaller budget films that film around her children’s school schedules, the actress seems to give her all no matter the task at hand. Historically, roles for women decrease as they age, but there’s no reason the 57-year-old Hurley shouldn’t be getting cast in big-budget films, unless it remains her own choice.