See Elizabeth Hurley Busting Out Of A Ridiculously Tight Dress

Elizabeth Hurley looks amazing in a sequined black dress.

By Nathan Kamal | Updated

elizabeth hurley

Elizabeth Hurley is famous for several things: being ridiculously beautiful, apparently able to defy the rigors of age with ease, and loving to post revealing pictures of herself on social media. Most recently, the frequent Christmas movie star posted a picture of herself on her official Instagram wearing a tight, sparkling black dress with a revealing cutout. It is a simultaneously sultry, classic, and sexy look, and definitely very Elizabeth Hurley.

Elizabeth Hurley’s Instagram bio lists her as a “Mummy, Actress, Model, Farmer, Bikini Designer,” and she is certainly using at least one of those skill sets in this photo (shot by Stockton Johnson, according to the pic tags). The picture is monochrome (one might even say chiaroscuro) and displays Elizabeth Hurley in a classic modeling pose, with one hand resting on an ornate balustrade and the other on her hip. She appears to be in some large, fancy area like the stairs of a ballroom with a chandelier, but we cannot imagine that she hangs out in any place that does not scream either “elegance” or “beachwear.”

The dress itself is jet black and absolutely covered in sequins, with a cut-out panel stretching from her throat to nearly her waist, exposing an ample amount of Elizabeth Hurley. According to the tags in the photo, her makeup was done by artist Mary Greenwell (who frequently works with Marvel Cinematic Universe actress Cate Blanchett) while her hair was styled by Cyril LaLoue, who is known for his work with Vogue Magazine.

The caption to Elizabeth Hurley’s post reads “Come up and see me some time,” plus a heart emoji. Presumably, this is a reference to an oft-paraphrased quote from the classic Hollywood star Mae West, who used variations of the phrase in multiple movies throughout her long and storied career. Interestingly, her first usage of the line was actually “Why don’t you come up sometime and see me? I’m home every evening,” delivered to a young Cary Grant in the 1933 film She Done Him Wrong. If Elizabeth Hurley is going to pick a classic star to take notes from, she definitely could do worse than Mae West.

Elizabeth Hurley is known for the occasional role as a “bad girl” type herself, most famously in the 2000 fantasy film Bedazzled, co-starring Brendan Fraser and directed by Ghostbusters legend Harold Ramis (itself a remake of a 1967 film of the same name starring Peter Cook and Dudley Moore). In the film, Hurley played the literal Devil, who tempts the hapless Brendan Fraser into selling his soul for seven wishes and then manipulates him into wasting them by purposefully misinterpreting the wishes. The movie was a moderate box office success at the time and has since grown into a cult comedy classic.

While Elizabeth Hurley has slowed down on the acting a bit in recent years, she has also stepped up her design game, frequently modeling her own swimsuit line on social media. She has also expressed interest in reuniting with Brendan Fraser for a new movie, so we’ll keep our eyes out for Bedazzled 2: Devil’s Choice.