Dwayne Johnson Reveals His Next Major Movie In Song

By Sckylar Gibby-Brown | Published

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Dwayne Johnson has revealed his next major movie and he’s only got one thing to say: “You’re welcome!” Johnson confirmed on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon that a live-action version of Disney’s Moana is being made and it’s set to hit theaters in the summer of 2025.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Hollywood’s resident powerhouse, confirmed on Monday that he will indeed be the real-life version of Maui. While Johnson shared the news last spring that a live-action version of Moana had been greenlit, the road from conception to the production studio is a tumultuous one, and often many scripts don’t see the light of day, even when big actors like Johnson are behind them.

Fortunately for Moana, the 51-year-old actor shared the exciting news the live-action adaptation is officially scheduled to shoot and some of the animated movie’s original players will be returning for the remake.

As the charismatic actor spilled the beans, Fallon couldn’t contain his enthusiasm. “You’re real-life Maui!” exclaimed Fallon, acknowledging Dwayne Johnson’s reprisal of his role as the lovable shapeshifting demigod. Johnson, in his trademark affable style, responded with a grin, “I am the real-life Maui. Thank you guys very much. I’m so excited about this.”


Adding to the anticipation, Dwayne Johnson revealed that the project would be helmed by the “incredible” director Thomas Kail, renowned for his work on the hit musical Hamilton. Lin Manuel-Miranda, the genius behind Moana‘s original music (as well as Hamilton’s for that matter), is set to return as a songwriter for the live-action remake, ensuring the beloved tunes will echo in the hearts of fans once again. Perhaps we’ll even get a few new hits exclusive to the live-action version.

To showcase his excitement, Dwayne Johnson couldn’t resist breaking into song, grabbing a mic to serenade the audience with the lyrics to Maui’s hit song “You’re Welcome.” Fallon joined in at the chorus, creating a “spontaneous” musical moment that delighted fans and left them yearning for more glimpses of what the live-action Moana has in store.

The live-action adaptation of Moana first made waves when Dwayne Johnson unveiled the project during Disney’s 2023 shareholder meeting in April. In an Instagram post, the Jumaji actor expressed his deep connection to the story, describing it as emblematic of Polynesian culture and a tribute to his late grandfather, High Chief Peter Maivia.

In a heartwarming video filmed on a Hawaiian beach with his daughters Tiana, 5, and Jasmine, 7, Dwayne Johnson promised fans a return to the enchanting world of Moana. From the titular Disney princess all the way to Pua the Pig, the actor assured that the essence of Moana would be preserved and celebrated in the live-action remake.

The release date for this highly-anticipated venture has been set for June 27, 2025, as revealed by Dwayne Johnson himself shortly after the project’s announcement. Quoting the titular character in an Instagram post, Johnson teased fans about the hidden strengths lying beneath the surface and expressed his privilege in sharing the legends, songs, and dances of Polynesian culture with audiences worldwide.