David Arquette And Airbnb Invite You To Stay At The Original Scream House

Do you want to sleep in the same house the first Scream movie was filmed in?

By Kristi Eckert | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

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Scream (1996) was the film that coined the term satirical horror. It was a film that redefined slasher flicks and flipped stereotypical horror expectations on their head. It, arguably, gave some Hollywood greats like Neve Campbell (Sidney Prescott), Courtney Cox (Gale Weathers), David Arquette (Deputy Dewey), and Drew Barrymore (Casey) significant boosts to their blossoming careers. In 2022 fans will get to relive the genius of the original in the highly-anticipated upcoming sequel of the same name. In order to celebrate the revival of this genre-defining movie, Bloody Disgusting detailed that David Arquette and travel giant Airbnb will be hosting a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for fans to stay overnight at the scream house where the movie was originally filmed. 

Both David Arquette and Airbnb took to Twitter to spread the word. Arquette posted a trailer of himself in character as Deputy Dewey which definitely has a vibe that clearly reflects the tone of the first Scream. Take a look at the full promotional teaser below. 

Airbnb revealed on their Twitter account that fans looking to stay at the scream house can begin booking starting October 12, 2021, by cleverly asking if fans were ready to live out their “scream dreams.” They included a photo collage that featured David Arquette standing in front of the house, as well as screenshots from the scream house’s interior. Check it out below. 

The exclusive scream house experience which David Arquette will host virtually, according to Gizmodo, will be offered only three times on October 27th, 29th, and 31st of 2021. Tickets will only cost $5 dollars and all profits will be donated to charity. Availability is extremely limited, thus many fans are unlikely to get the opportunity to experience the event. However, those who are not lucky enough to score tickets for the overnight stay can instead participate in a virtual experience on October 28th that will be hosted by the writer, Kevin Williamson, of 1996’s Scream called Secrets of Scream. 

Following the success of Scream (1996), David Arquette went on to develop an impressive list of credits during the course of his career, however, he also faced a host of failures and virtually unscalable obstacles. One of his most notable and more recent projects was an autobiographical documentary called You Cannot Kill David Arquette, that proved to be a candid revelation of all of the challenges he encountered and continues to battle over the duration of his career. It is effective as well as surprisingly raw and emotional. Ultimately, it is a nice encapsulation of what it means to be human. 

David Arquette’s career was both launched and hindered by the first Scream. That being said, it will certainly be interesting to watch him reprise his role in the franchise’s upcoming and much-anticipated iteration, which also features some other familiar faces from the original. Neve Campbell (Sidney Prescott) and Courtney Cox (Gale Weathers) have also returned to their earlier roots to reprise their roles. Fans are expected to be able to see the modern incarnation of Scream (2022) in theaters beginning January 14, 2022.