See Bill Murray Reacting To Ghostbusters: Afterlife’s Mini-Puft Marshmallow Men

By Faith McKay | 3 weeks ago

bill murray

Two weeks ago, we got a fun teaser for Ghostbusters: Afterlife that showed off a new take on the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man. The clip shows Paul Rudd in a grocery store, discovering something surprising in mini-puft marshmallow men. Naturally, things quickly get out of hand. When a franchise like Ghostbusters comes back, everyone wants to know what the original actors in the project think about the new touches. Fortunately, with this teaser, we can get an inside look. You’re about to see a YouTube reaction video where the director of the original Ghostbusters, Ivan Reitman, shows off the teaser to actor Bill Murray. Watch the 44-second reaction video below.

Even in only such a short video, Bill Murray manages to give the highest praise he could for a new addition to a classic franchise. Right at the end, the actor says, “That’s got the feel, doesn’t it?” And that is definitely what fans are looking for in a new addition to the franchise. Does it make audiences feel the way they have in the past?

This is a particularly interesting moment if you’re aware of who Bill Murray is talking to in this video and who is working on Ghostbusters: Afterlife. This is director Ivan Reitman. The director of Afterlife is Jason Reitman, Ivan’s son. So in this clip, Bill Murray is not only reacting to footage from a movie he’s a part of, but a movie his co-workers son directed.

Jason Reitman grew up with his dad’s original movies, as many of us did, except he had a unique vantage point with direct access to the director. Today, he’s making a sequel to the original movies. Not a reboot or a fresh take, but a sequel, starring Finn Wolfhard and Mckenna Grace as two kids uncovering their grandfather’s legacy. Paul Rudd plays the kid’s teacher. Many of the original actors will have small parts in the movie, including Bill Murray, Dan Akroyd, Ernie Hudson, Sigourney Weaver, and Annie Potts. While Murray was in the film, it makes sense that he has yet to see some of the new touches and special effects in the movie. It also makes sense that he’d be a bit relieved if the movie has that original feel since he will be appearing in it.

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Fans have waited a long time for this movie. In recent years, the pandemic has caused delays. Afterlife was originally filmed in 2019, so the 2020 release date had to be pushed back. However, fans have waited much longer than just a few years to see an addition to the franchise like this. After the original two films were successful, fans often assumed another was coming. That idea fell to the wayside after Harold Ramis passed away in 2014. Ramis played Egon Spengler in the original movies. After that, Sony produced a new Ghostbusters project in 2016. While Bill Murray did briefly appear in that movie, it didn’t help. The box office numbers didn’t stun anyone and fans were grumpy about it from the get-go.

With that disappointing restart behind them, it has left fans a touch wary of Ghostbusters: Afterlife, though this take certainly has a lot more on its side. First, with the unique position Jason Reitman is in as a director. Second, with the direct sequel approach, tying Afterlife more directly into the original movies and capturing that original spark. And then, of course, bringing in freshly updated touches by way of Mini-Puft Marshmallow Men. Hopefully, this new movie will impress fans and Bill Murray both.