See The Classic Batmobile From The Flash, Up Close And In Detail

Here's a closer look at the Batmobile from the new trailer for The Flash.

By Britta DeVore | Updated

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Kansas City Chiefs fans weren’t the only ones going to bed happy on Sunday night after the Super Bowl, as DC Studios followers, eager to catch the first glimpses of what’s being called one of the best superhero flicks yet, feasted their eyes on the first official trailer for The Flash. As was expected, we saw Ezra Miller back in all their glory with another familiar face or two scattered about – perhaps most notably Michael Keaton’s Batman. And, although it wasn’t a live-action human character, the appearance of the classic batmobile was enough to really rev up the adrenaline for excited future audiences.

Coming out from underneath its sheet where it was put to rest over three decades ago, the batmobile was one of the shiniest figures in The Flash’s trailer. The goosebump-inducing teaser takes audiences through the story of what’s to come in the Andrés Muschietti-helmed time-hopping feature that will see Barry Allen aka the Flash (Miller) race through time to find a timeline in which he doesn’t lose his mother. Although he’s warned by his universe’s Batman (Ben Affleck) to not make any hasty decisions, the Flash darts off on a path that will put existence on the line.

Coming face-to-face with another version of himself, Barry realizes that he’s undone the creation of metahumans, meaning that there are no superpowered good guys to stand up for the downtrodden. Just when he thinks he’s met his match, Barry crosses paths with this timeline’s Batman (Keaton) who, along with his pristinely kept batmobile, will put the villains of The Flash on a crash course with justice. The rest of the trailer is packed with double the Miller, single the Keaton, and the appearance of Kara Zor-El – this universe’s Supergirl.

As for the batmobile, The Flash unearths a relic almost as legendary as the caped crusader himself, hearkening back to a simpler (and weirder) time when Tim Burton stood at the helm of the DC superhero flicks. Just as sleek as it was in Batman and Batman Returns, the well-kept cruiser is unveiled to have been resting under a sheet for all these years deep within the confines of the batcave. A close up shot of Miller standing next to the armored vehicle returns it to its glory of yesteryear and prepares it to go into Batmissile mode should the mission require it.

batmobile the flash
The Batmobile of Batman Returns (1992)

The batmobile’s comeback in The Flash is a much classier design than the armored war vehicle we’ve seen Ben Affleck’s Batman sit in the driver seat of during his time as Gotham’s protector. Similarly, Christian Bale’s ride for Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy also carries more of a tank-going-to-the-front-lines vibe than the pretty, but lethal batmobile from Burton’s films. With danger lurking around every twist and turn, the old model will no doubt handle each curve with precision.

The Batmobile of Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice

After what’s been a hotly debated production time for the film’s leading actor, it seems that things are finally moving at the speed of light for the anticipated feature. With a trailer that directly hits on returning favorites, new introductions, and a classic version of the batmobile, fans of The Flash will surely be ready to take the film for a spin when it lands in theaters on June 16, 2023.