See Sasha Calle As The Flash’s Supergirl Up Close 

Check out all of the shots of Sasha Calle as Supergirl in the upcoming The Flash movie.

By Chris Snellgrove | Updated

Sasha Calle supergirl Flash trailer

In one of the great ironies, the Super Bowl has become one of the most exciting events for major nerds. Not because of the football, of course, but because of all the exciting movie trailers we get to see, including the first proper trailer for Ezra Miller’s long-awaited The Flash movie. And while there are a lot of things to get excited about in this trailer, we particularly loved getting to see Sasha Calle in action as Supergirl fighting (and sometimes flying) alongside the Flash.

The image below of Supergirl from The Flash shows us her in flight but with no costume. It looks like this might be her first arrival on the planet. And judging from the reaction, people are understandably scared of her arrival.

In this next show of Supergirl from The Flash trailer, we see her providing a dramatic, superhero rescue of someone. It’s the kind of thing we normally expect to see Superman doing. And this shot is a powerful reminder that Supergirl is going to be the main Kryptonian hero in this multiversal adventure.

Of course, what’s a good Kryptonia hero without a proper Kryptonian villain? In this case, General Zod from Man of Steel is back, posing a bigger threat than ever before. And it looks like Supergirl is going to help Flash take the fight to this powerful supervillain.

This shot of Supergirl from The Flash trailer is interesting because it shows the sheer scope of damage that Zod is able to cause. Back in Man of Steel, some fans were concerned about how much Superman took part in the earthshaking chaos. Here’s hoping that Supergirl is better at keeping skyscrapers upright than knocking them down.

Supergirl, like Superman before her, can’t be a hero all the time. Here, we see Supergirl in her casual clothing in the trailer for The Flash. No word yet on whether she will rock some glasses as part of her secret identity the same way the adorkable CW Supergirl did.

Speaking of being adorkable, here we see Supergirl getting scoped out by one of the two Flash characters in the film. The brief scene is a fun reminder of the fact that Flash tends to geek out over other heroes. And the moment provides some juxtaposition between the fun-loving speedster and the no-nonsense Kryptonian.

supergirl flash

This is arguably the best shot of Supergirl in the entire trailer for The Flash. We get to not only see the character in flight but also see some interesting aspects of her uniform. Specifically, the neck is something of a turtleneck, or more so a mock neck, and the redness of her cape also runs down her arms (maybe to make up for the movie ditching her iconic red boots).

The final shot of Supergirl in The Flash trailer shows what it looks like when someone with godlike powers could unleash them at any time. It’s an interesting moment because we can’t help but wonder how different Supergirl is from the evil Kryptonian she is battling. Sadly, we won’t be able to find out until the movie releases on June 16.