See The New Batcycle Revealed By The Flash Trailer, Up Close And In Detail

Batman has a new batcycle in the trailer for The Flash; see how it compares to previous models.

By Melissa Murphy | Updated

Super Bowl Sunday brought more than just football to avid DC fans. During the game, the first full-length trailer for The Flash was aired for all to see. This action-packed trailer lasted over three minutes and gave viewers a sneak peek into what and who they can expect to see in the upcoming film, including Batman and his new batcycle, which features to smaller wheels together, and further on below.

The trailer revealed the premise for the film, following Barry Allen as he travels back in time to stop his mother’s murder and ends up getting stuck in a parallel universe. Barry inadvertently rewrites history by stepping back in time and saving his mother, leading everyone’s favorite DC superheroes to make an appearance, including the Dark Knight himself.

batman the flash
The batcycle in The Flash trailer

In addition to giving a small look at The Flash, the trailer also revealed what fans might be able to expect from Batman. In one clip, fans can see Batman, cape flowing out behind him, riding the Batcycle. With two thin wheels in the front, the futuristic cycle is reminiscent of the batcycle from The Dark Knight trilogy. This caused speculation as fans wonder if Christian Bale’s Batman will be returning for The Flash. 

Christian Bale’s batcycle from The Dark Knight trilogy

While new features may yet be revealed in The Flash of the new batcycle, it appears to be quite different from the one Christian Bale was seen whipping around Gotham. Bale’s version came equipped with blasters and just one large tire on the front and back. But their mere inclusion of the iconic ride was enough to make eager fans believe Bale’s Batman will be making some sort of cameo in The Flash.

Some viewers believed they could hear Hans Zimmer’s Dark Knight score playing during the trailer. With the mix-up between reality and the alternate universe, it could be possible that an appearance from Cristian Bale’s Batman could happen in the upcoming film. Ben Affleck will be playing the newest version of Batman in The Flash, while Micheal Keaton will be reprising the role for the alternate reality depiction of Bruce Wayne. 

The trailer reveals an impressive lineup of DC superheroes. In addition to Batman, Supergirl was also spotted in The Flash trailer. General Zod, who appeared previously in both Man of Steel and Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, will also be in the upcoming movie.

The full-length trailer’s release is a relief to fans who have been anxiously awaiting the installment for years. The newest installment of The Flash has been in the works since it was announced in October 2014. Trouble in the DC Extended Universe and the pandemic prevented the film from being released on schedule. 

However, five years after its original release date, fans will finally be able to see Barry Allen in all his glory. While the trailer only gives a small sneak peek into what will come, fans are already speculating about what else they can see in the film. 

While many are wondering whether they will be able to see Christian Bale reprise his role as Batman in The Flash, others questioned how much the film will parallel the comic it was based on. The Flash is set to follow the events unfolded in the Flashpoint comic loosely. DC CEO James Gunn noted that the film would not directly follow the comic’s plot. 

This newest installment is set to serve as a refresh for the DC Universe and provide a transition from the past into the DC Universe of the future. If the new trailer featuring an updated Batcyle has any indication of what is in store for the future of the franchise, fans are excited.