Andrew Garfield Became Spider-Man Thanks To A Cheeseburger

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During his career in Hollywood, Andrew Garfield has amassed a slew of awards and nominations from prestigious groups like the Golden Globes, BAFTA, and even the Academy. But, for his role in The Amazing Spider-Man, his casting all came down to the way that he ate a cheeseburger. In an interview with Yahoo Movies, the film’s director, Marc Webb, said that the actor stood out from the competition because of how he was able to seamlessly slam a cheeseburger while calming down Emma Stone’s Gwen Stacy.

The Amazing Spider-Man Director Decided To Cast Andrew Garfield After Watching Him Eat A Burger

Webb said that the chemistry between Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone was so palpable that the scene almost didn’t even feel like acting and more like a personal bit between two people who cared for one another. The director explained that during the moment in question, Garfield’s Spider-Man was simply attempting “to put her at ease while he is eating food.”

Having a hard time explaining exactly what it was about Garfield’s cheeseburger eating skills, Webb said that it simply came down to the “tiny minutia,” adding, “I can’t explain exactly what I felt like it worked, but that was it.”

Garfield Followed Up Tobey Maguire’s Run As The Web-Slinger

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Although Andrew Garfield had previously appeared in films including The Social Network and The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus, it was his role in Webb’s Spider-Man films that would launch his career to new heights. He played the fan-favorite character in both The Amazing Spider-Man and its sequel, nabbing the role following Tobey Maguire’s run in the Sam Raimi-helmed films and Tom Holland’s recent take in Jon Watts’ trilogy. Unfortunately, Garfield’s own shot at a trilogy wouldn’t quite stick with a third film never seeing the light of day.

The Actor Reprised His Role In Spider-Man: No Way Home

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For many fans, this was a major snub to Andrew Garfield who had poured his heart and soul into the role of Peter Parker. Luckily, audiences were given closure thanks to 2021’s Spider-Man: No Way Home which saw the return of not only Garfield but also Tobey Maguire. In the film, universes collide and heroes and villains blend together with the trio of Peter Parkers working together to save the world. 

The Possibility For Garfield To Play Spider-Man Once More Is Still Alive

One of the biggest money-makers for the studio, the return of Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man in No Way Home sparked a rejuvenated interest in why a third The Amazing Spider-Man movie never came to fruition. With fans clamoring for the actor’s take on Peter Parker to be given the proper wrap-up, it seemed – if only for a moment – that this dream could become a reality.

Unfortunately, at this time, there hasn’t been any news on the possibility of a fully formed trilogy but with the MCU fully opening up the doors of the multiverse, there’s a chance that Garfield and Maguire’s Peter Parkers will be seen again.

Up Next For Andrew Garfield

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Aside from Andrew Garfield’s possible involvement with any future Spider-Man projects, the actor is of course continuing to stay busy. After wowing audiences with his starring role in FX and Hulu’s dramatized true crime drama, Under the Banner of Heaven in 2022, fans were left desperate for more mini-series action from the actor. Up next, viewers will spot him on the big screen opposite Florence Pugh in John Crowley’s romance drama, We Live in Time.

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