See Alexandra Daddario Covered In Blood In First Look At Her New Series

Alexandra Daddario is covered in blood and unraveling mysteries for the first-look trailer of Mayfair Witches.

By Ross Tyson | Published

Alexandra Daddario is making her triumphant return to horror on the small screen. This comes with AMC’s adaptation of Mayfair Witches. The series will follow on the heels of another successful Anne Rice adaptation, Interview With the Vampire, which will premiere on AMC in 2023.

Based on Anne Rice’s Lives of the Mayfair Witches trilogy, the show will star Alexandra Daddario as the main character Rowan, a successful young neurosurgeon who learns that her family is a long line of witches. The bad news about being a witch is that she’ll inherit an evil spirit called Lasher, her family’s longtime enemy, that will try to make her the next victim. Rice’s books were originally released in the early 90s, pulling on her trademark mix of goth atmosphere and sex appeal that Twilight dreams of being.

alexandra daddario
Alexandra Daddario in The White Lotus

Alexandra Daddario knows how to work the big and small screens, appearing most recently in The White Lotus season one. She made her way onto the scene by landing her first role in the long-running daytime soap All My Children. She would eventually leverage herself into more significant roles, surfing into theaters later as Annabelle Chase of the Percy Jackson films.

While she’s had a varied career since then, this will be just her latest brush with the horror genre. In 2013, Alexandra Daddario tried her hand at scream queen stardom by appearing in Texas Chainsaw 3D. While the film was an absolute bomb despised by critics, it is remembered for a completely bonkers plot twist and Daddario telling Leatherface, “Do your thing, cuz!” While the scene is already ridiculous, the roaring chainsaw gives it over-the-top top camp that keeps fans talking almost a decade later.

Interview With the Vampire, Rice’s most popular series of novels, was recently adapted to a series by AMC as well, leading to critical praise. The series follows the life and longings of vampire Lestat, who is learning to navigate a changing world while he remains the same. The charismatic vampire is Rice’s most enduring character, first portrayed by Tom Cruise in the 1994 classic of the same name. While the timeline may be an issue, is it possible Alexandra Daddario could pop up in Interview or vice-versa?

Though the stories are different in character and scope, Rice often overlapped and interconnected her stories, notably inserting Lestat into the Mayfair Witches’ lives in at least three books. Considering AMC is producing and airing both shows, it’s not unlikely that an eventual crossover could come about with Alexandra Daddario making an appearance in both shows.

Mayfair Witches may not premiere until 2023, but anyone can still catch Alexandra Daddario almost anywhere on streaming. Daddario can be seen in The White Lotus season one on HBOMax, and the new film Wildflower alongside Kieran Shipka. Currently, she is finishing up production on Mayfair Witches before moving to work on a full slate of movies for the next year.