See Alexandra Daddario Barefoot In A Designer Gown

Decked out in a classic Dior gown, Alexandra Daddario poses barefoot on her hardwood floor.

By Jonathan Klotz | Published

Star of True Detective, Alexandra Daddario, stunned fans when she shared a photo of herself barefoot in a classic Dior gown. Fans on Instagram got a good look at the actress posing on her 1800’s-style hardwood floor before attending the Guggenheim International Gala in New York City. No stranger to baring it all on screen, Daddario proved she is just as stunning in a full-length classic gown.

The Guggenheim International Gala is an annual event put on by Dior to raise funds and awareness of the museum’s yearly accomplishments. Stars from around the world attend in the latest Dior fashions to take part in the fundraiser. Alexandra gave fans a great look at herself on the event’s red carpet while also sharing some fun she had before the event with her new husband, film producer Andrew Form.

Alexandra Daddario’s first starring role came in 2010, co-starring in Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief as Annabeth Chase, a descendant of the Greek Goddess Artemis. The stunning star gave fans a good look at her acting range by following up with the comedy Hall Pass, the disaster movie San Andreas, and the slasher remake The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Despite all of her film credits, the 36-year old actress has had her largest success on television.

A four-episode guest stint on the first season of HBO’s True Detective led to mainstream recognition for the star. Most notably, her nude scenes in which the camera got a full look at her breasts threatened to break the internet years before Kim Kardashian’s attempt. Exhibiting good humor after finding out that President Barack Obama was a fan of the show, Daddario tweeted out her excitement over how the President of the United States saw her breasts.

Guest spots on shows like White Collar and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia soon gave way to more prominent roles. In 2019, Alexandra starred and produced in two films, the comedy Can You Keep A Secret? and the thriller We Summon the Darkness. Defying stereotypes based on her look, Daddario showed that she could work in front of, and behind, the camera in multiple successful roles.

alexandra daddario
Alexandra Daddario in The White Lotus

Recently, the newly married star has been experiencing the best critical reception of her career with a role on HBO’s streaming hit, The White Lotus. Her role as Rachel Patton, a struggling journalist that is also newly married, earned the actress her first Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Actress in a Limited Series at the 2022 ceremony. Hollywood critics have said that the role will cause audiences to look at the star in a new light.

Alexandra Daddario’s upcoming roles include starring as Dr. Rowan Mayfair in the forthcoming Mayfair Witches. Based off of the Anne Rice novel of the same name, Daddario’s character learns she is the heir to a powerful family of witches haunted by a sinister spirit. Fans waiting to take a look at the supernatural horror series do not have much longer to wait, as it will debut on AMC and AMC+ early next year on January 8th.