Vince McMahon Accused Of Horrific Sex Crimes In Lawsuit, Graphic Texts Paint Disgusting Picture

By April Ryder | Published

Vince McMahon has been accused of some terrible sex crimes in a lawsuit filed by a former employee and “girlfriend.” The former Chief Executive Officer of the WWE allegedly abused Janel Grant regularly throughout her time with the company in physical, verbal, emotional, and sexual ways. 

It’s important to note that the subject matter of the court documents and the text snippets is graphic and could be triggering for some. 

Texts Reveal Depths Of Vince McMahon’s Behavior

Vince McMahon

Newly released court documents grant some explicit examples of texts between Vince McMahon and Grant. The messages include situations where McMahon was effectively pimping Grant out to other WWE executives, namely John Laurinaitis. 

Some texts show clear threats to the safety of the plaintiff, and all of the texts are inappropriate for a professional relationship. After suffering for nearly three years at the hands of McMahon and sometimes Laurinaitis, Vince McMahon’s wife found out about his sexual relationship with Grant. 

McMahon Bought The Plaintiffs Silence

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McMahon quickly dismissed Grant from her position at the company, offering to pay her the sum of $3 million and provide her with “reputational protection,” given that she signed a non-disclosure agreement. If Grant promised to keep quiet about the explicit nature of his actions, Vince McMahon was willing to keep paying her for her silence. 

Out of fear of retribution and bodily harm, Janel Grant signed the NDA. She accepted the payments for her silence, and McMahon couldn’t even hold up that end of the bargain. He allegedly paid a few payments and then quit paying altogether. 

McMahon Is Accused Of Involving WWE Superstars

In addition, Vince McMahon continued to try to exploit Ms. Grant even after firing her and forcing her to sign an NDA. The court papers allege that McMahon attempted to traffic Ms. Grant to a WWE star who was going to be in town for the taping of a live event in March 2022. 

Vince McMahan is also suspected of leaking Janel Grant’s name to the media as “a source in #WWE with direct knowledge of the situation.” The WWE, as a business entity, has even done what it can to try and sweep the situation under the rug. 

McMahon Was Outed From WWE Over The Scandal

When a media report alleging that Vince McMahon was involved in a “hush money” scandal was released, the WWE released an official statement announcing that there would be a special committee of board members to investigate the alleged misconduct. They temporarily appointed Stephanie McMahon as Interim CEO, declaring the “importance of a safe and collaborative workspace.” 

Vince McMahon Returned As Part Of WWE Management

However, in November 2022, the WWE and the “Special Committee” closed the investigation into the situation without ever even interviewing Ms. Grant, despite her assurances that she would cooperate in any way necessary with the investigation. 

Vince McMahon is currently in the position of Executive Chairman for the WWE’s parent company TKO Group Holdings. Thus far, the hotheaded leader of America’s most popular wrestling association has faced little in the way of consequences for his actions. Let’s hope that this current court filing will turn out differently for Janel Grant and all of the abused women in the world, for that matter. 

Source: U.S. Court Filings