See Sofia Vergara Reveal The Scar From Her Serious Health Scare

By Nathan Kamal | 3 months ago

sofia vergara

Actor Sofia Vergara took to social media today to reveal scarring from her long struggle with a cancer diagnosis. According to the caption on her Instagram post, Vergara had a routine checkup at age 28 that discovered a lump in her throat. She was diagnosed with thyroid cancer in 2000. She had the thyroid removed and had many hours of radiation therapy. The post was to announce that she officially considers herself a cancer survivor at this point, and wanted to display a photo from her first acting class post-treatment. The scar reminds her of her fortune in being successful in treatment, and in all likelihood, can be a hopeful beacon for other sufferers. You can see the post here: 

Sofía Vergara was born in Colombia and studied dentistry before pursuing show business. She emigrated to the United States in the late 1990s after a family tragedy, later becoming a successful model for Covergirl, Pepsi and others. After several small film roles, she began starring in the hit ABC sitcom Modern Family. She swiftly became a household figure, and by 2020, was the highest paid actress in Hollywood. Since Modern Family ended in 2020, she has been a host on America’s Got Talent, as well as appearing in a number of smaller TV roles. While her portrayal of the character Gloria Delgado-Pritchett on Modern Family was praised and she was nominated for four Golden Globe awards, she was often criticized for promoting Latin stereotypes. 

Her next starring role is the much-hyped Griselda for Netflix. Sofia Vergara is executive producing the limited series for the streaming platform along with Eric Newman, the showrunner of the drug cartel dramas Narcos and Narcos: Mexico. Griselda will follow the life of Griselda Blanco, a notorious cartel boss. For decades, Blanco was one of the primary leaders of the Medellín Cartel of cocaine smuggling, and responsible for likely hundreds of deaths. At the peak of her power, Blanco was one of the richest and most powerful women in the world and brought in over $80 billion dollars a month in drug trade. She was killed in a shooting in 2012, and almost immediately became mythologized as one of the most prominent figures in the illegal drug business. 

The story of Griselda Blanco has been documented several times, most famously in the films Cocaine Cowboys and Cocaine Cowboys 2, which focused on the Miami cocaine business. She was also portrayed by Welsh actress Catherine Zeta-Jones in the 2018 Lifetime movie Cocaine Godmother, which was widely criticized for casting a white actress as the Latin Colombian figure. Hopefully, Griselda will avoid that particular pitfall with the casting and work of Sofia Vergara in the title role. It is certainly to her credit that she is as forthcoming and honest as she is on Instagram about her battle with cancer, particularly on the physical effects it can have on a survivor. Of course, being Vergara, she is also prone to posting pictures like these, so there is all kinds of bravery.