See Sofia Vergara Modeling A Black Corset

By Jessica Scott | Updated

Yesterday Sofia Vergara was throwing it back to 2009 with an Instagram post that features the Modern Family actress wearing a tight black corset with red lipstick and a coat slung over her shoulder. The caption reveals that the snap was from the Broadway play Chicago, in which she played Mama Morton.

According to an article from Playbill in 2009 (talk about a throwback), Sofia Vergara played the role in a five-week run of Chicago on Broadway as well as during part of the show’s nationwide tour. This role came just before Sofia Vergara hit it big playing Gloria in Modern Family (which that out-of-date Playbill story referred to as a pilot called “An American Family”), making this a very interesting time capsule piece.

While Sofia Vergara may be 50 years old now, she has not let herself go in the slightest. She frequently posts sexy pictures and videos on Instagram, and she works hard to keep her body toned and shapely. According to a recent article in Women’s Health magazine, she makes it a point to work out at least five times a week for at least 50-60 minutes each time. 

Sofia Vergara’s preferred workout is the Lagree Method of Pilates, which is low impact, but high intensity. She particularly likes training her butt, so her workout usually consists of a lot of squats, lunges, and deadlifts. She also uses a kettlebell, and her trainer says that “She’s really strong.”

One thing Sofia Vergara does not like to do when working out is run. She will occasionally use the spin bike for a short while, but she prefers walking on an incline to actually running. She and her husband Joe Manganiello of the Magic Mike franchise, seem to get good use out of the home gym he had built in their house, and Sofia Vergara even bought a workout machine to help her do pilates better.

sofia vergara

That being said, Sofia Vergara is not one of those people who works out all the time and starves themselves to be thin. She has made it clear from her previous Instagram posts and videos that she loves to eat, which is perhaps why she is happy to work out so many times per week!

One other thing that her trainer pointed out, though, is that while she does do a lot of training, Sofia Vergara does have rest days built into her schedule. It isn’t good for your body to work out extremely hard every single day, and in fact, it could make it harder to build muscle because the muscles are injured or in pain.

So, seemingly Sofia Vergara has it all figured out. She is 50 and flawless, can eat what she wants while still maintaining the buxom figure that has made other women jealous of her for years, and she has a husband who also likes to work out, which inspires them both to stay in good shape. What more could a girl ask for?