See Kate Beckinsale Pose In Sexy Black Latex

Kate Beckinsale has an affinity for tight black latex clothing, and we certainly are not going to argue about it.

By Nathan Kamal | Published

kate beckinsale

At this point, it seems like Kate Beckinsale has a real thing for latex. While it is understandable that she might have to be in latex to fully embody the vampire assassin character Selene in five different Underworld movies, her taste for shiny, form-fitting rubber clothing seems to have crossed over into her real life. At least, that is what Kate Beckinsale’s recent social media post tells us. Kate Beckinsale is one of our favorite people to follow on Instagram, and as you can see here, she never lets us down. Check out this picture of Kate Beckinsale in a tight black latex dress:

According to the caption, Kate Beckinsale wore this fetching outfit to celebrate the recent 30th birthday of pop star Demi Lovato. Also according to that caption, “Squeaky squeak squeak,” which must be referring to the stunning black dress from London’s Jane Doe Latex and designer Nina Kate. In the first picture of the set, we see Kate Beckinsale in close-up; she has one hand coyly tucked under her chin, with her pale blue nails being tagged with artist Fariha Ali. Her dark blonde hair is styled pulled back, credited to hair artist Aaron Light, while her dramatically shadowed make-up is by Rob Scheppy. 

The second photo of Kate Beckinsale is even more captivating than the first. Now, the shot gets the actress in full length, so we can see the shiny black latex framed against a room full of white balloons (including at least one stenciled with Demi Lovato’s face). Kate Beckinsale’s latex dress reaches down beneath her knees and covers her arms down past her wrists. It is also high-necked, and none of this coverage hides how fantastic the 49-year-old actress looks. The third photo of Kate Beckinsale shows her in a very similar pose, but we certainly are not complaining. 

Kate Beckinsale is likely most famous for the Underworld films, in which she fully transitioned to the action star role she still sometimes plays in movies like the Amazon Prime Video action comedy Jolt, in which she plays a former bouncer trying to alleviate her frequent bursts of uncontrolled rage with an electroshock vest (which seems like it would make someone angrier, but we are not doctors). The last Underworld movie (so far) was Blood Wars in 2016, and there has not been news of any developing battles against Lycans. Kate Beckinsale herself has already indicated that the franchise might be over for good, but has also left the door open for her return. Only time and latex will tell when it comes to Underworld.

For now, we are happy just to follow Kate Beckinsale on Instagram. Aside from the frequent ravishing posts of her various outfits (latex or not), Beckinsale also has a strong tendency to show off her goofier side, which her pets often get roped into outfits or rollerskating. She also shows off her unparalleled, Snow White-like ability to charm the beasts of the field and the garden. Is there anything she can’t do?