See Kate Beckinsale In Short Shorts And Sexy Top Hiding From A Lion

You can see Kate Beckinsale in a sexy outfit appearing to hide from a lion that's on the couch in her living room

By David Harrison | Published

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If you follow Kate Beckinsale on Instagram then you know she’s into animals. For the most part, this has meant her showcasing one of her many pets, or possibly a stray wild animal that might come around the premise. It’s all pretty ordinary (so to speak) without things venturing all that crazy. Does it get a bit oddball at times? No doubt. That’s definitely part of her social media schtick. But every once in a while things get completely weird on the Kate Beckinsale Instagram feed, combining a sexy look with something nuts happening in the background. This could be one of those times. Because in her latest Instagram post it looks like Kate Beckinsale got all dolled up so that she could hide from, well, a lion that’s sitting on her couch. Check it out:

Is it a real lion stalking the Kate Beckinsale living room, on the prowl for a celebrity in short shorts and a bikini top? No, of course not. This thing is completely stuffed and fake. But what makes it funny is that on her feed, knowing the kinds of things she likes to post, you almost have to do a double take to make sure all is safe around the house. Kate Beckinsale has enough of a track record here to think that there’s at least some possibility she dragged a lion into the house just to care for it, or at least for the photo op.

After all, we are just a few weeks removed from a series of Kate Beckinsale posts that had her feeding and caring for a real-life fox. Whether this thing had been totally domesticated or had just roamed in out of the woods isn’t totally clear. What is clear is that Beckinsale relished the opportunity to give it a try. She was caring for it, feeding it, and just generally at home with it in her place. Plus, she has a couple of dogs and cats that are regularly featured in what she puts up on social media. This is an animal lover through and through so if there was a real lion hanging out on her couch it would at least fit a certain theme.

And obviously, from a fan perspective, this Kate Beckinsale post landed exactly where folks want to see her Instagram feed. Sitting at more than 74K likes through a little more than half a day on the platform is a massive number for anyone, and it speaks to the engagement Beckinsale has with her more than 5.4 million followers. Heck, just over the last week or so we’ve seen her in a variety of outfits, engaging in multiple celebrations, and just generally mixing it up in a way that keeps folks coming back for more. This is just another example. Sure, the lion was meant to turn heads a bit but the real attraction is Beckinsale herself who continues to bring it even at 49 years of age.

No doubt there will be more on this front over the coming days and weeks. After all, this is what the Kate Beckinsale experience is all about.