See Kate Beckinsale Recreate A Famous Disney Scene With Her Dog

Beckinsale is definitely a Disney fan.

By Michileen Martin | Published

kate beckinsale

Ever find yourself rewatching Underworld and when the Death Dealer Selene chops clean through an elder vampire’s head, think to yourself, “I wonder if Kate Beckinsale is a Disney fan.” Well, if so, consider that mystery solved. The actress once known for kicking all sorts of vampire and werewolf butt recently posted a video of herself recreating an iconic scene from 1955’s Lady and the Tramp. But no, gossip-fans, she didn’t perform the scene with Jason Momoa or any other recently single Hollywood hunks. Instead, her scene partner was chosen for their biological ties to the source material — in other words… her dog.

Kate Beckinsale posted the video to her official Instagram account late Sunday night, featuring the lovely actress with her Pomeranian Myf. Like the famous scene from Lady and the Tramp, Beckinsale and her pup share a single string of spaghetti; chomping away as their mouths get closer and closer. In the background plays “Bella Notte” — the song Tony (George Givot) sings to the eponymous couple as they dine — and Beckinsale posts lyrics from the song in her caption. We won’t spoil the ending. You can see it yourself in the video below.

If somehow you’ve never seen the Lady and the Tramp scene Kate Beckinsale and her pup are recreating, we’ll have to help you remedy that. Ironically, while the scene is the first one that comes to mind for most fans, audiences almost never got close to see it. Walt Disney himself wanted to cut the scene, but thankfully for everyone involved it survived. You can watch the scene below.

Kate Beckinsale has not proven to be even a little bit shy about showing off her Pomeranian. Myf regularly shows up in the actress and model’s social media pics and videos. Among other things, Beckinsale likes going out in matching outfits with the pup, like last February when the pair went out in the snow with matching silver padded coats.

More conspiratorially-minded fans might consider whether or not Kate Beckinsale is posting her tribute to Lady and the Tramp to butter up Disney for a project she’s wanted to make for a while. No, Beckinsale has never shown up in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but apparently she’d very much like to. Last year, she told Variety she’d pitched Marvel Studios a crossover between Underworld and Blade, but “they didn’t go for it.” She also said, unfortunately, she believes 2016’s Underworld: Blood Wars marked the definitive end of the franchise.

Of course, that doesn’t mean Kate Beckinsale is done playing badasses. In May came the word that she would soon be collaborating with Taken director Pierre Morel for the action thriller Canary Black. Like Liam Neeson in the earlier film, Beckinsale’s hero will be dealing with kidnappers, though she won’t be handling them quite the same way. She’ll play CIA agent Avery Graves, who goes rogue to get the intel wanted by her husband’s kidnappers.