Kate Beckinsale Has Suddenly Deleted Her Instagram And Fans Are Left Wondering Why

Kate Beckinsale has over 2 million followers on Instagram yet they were shocked to learn today the star's account has been deleted with no warning, no reason, and nothing to do but speculate.

By Jonathan Klotz | Updated

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Kate Beckinsale may have made a name for herself starring in the Underworld franchise, but she’s also been a prolific social media celebrity with a following on Instagram measured in the millions. Today, with no warning, her Instagram account is gone, and fans are left dazed and confused. Previously, Beckinsale deleted posts when she started dating Pete Davidson, and she did some clean-up after a hospital visit in 2021, but this is a complete deletion that goes beyond anything she’s done before.

Three years ago, when her relationship with Davidson became public knowledge, her social media feeds were filled with comments about the significant age gap (20 years) between the two. Since then, a few posts were scrubbed following the removal of an ovarian cyst while she was visiting Las Vegas, but that’s been it. A reliable poster for the last few years, fans checked in this afternoon and reported that everything is gone from Instagram.

All we can do is speculate which fans have started doing across social media, and some sleuths wonder if it’s connected to her comments on Instagram about Harvey Weinstein. The notorious Hollywood producer was sentenced recently to an additional 16 years in prison on top of his previous sentence of 23 years. If Beckinsale is thinking of pursuing legal action against Weinstein following her accusations of how he tried to get her drunk when she was 17, wiping social media is a good first step.

Another possibility is simply that Kate Beckinsale has an upcoming project. She’d join other celebrities, including Blake Lively (for A Simple Favor) and Taylor Swift, in wiping the slate clean when working on something new. Hopefully, this one is the real reason, as according to IMDB she has two upcoming projects with Canary Black, which has nothing to do with DC’s Black Canary, currently in production.

Kate Beckinsale
Kate Beckinsale as Selene in the Underworld franchise

Celebrities are just like the rest of us, and social media at the workplace is a distraction, so hopefully, Beckinsale’s Instagram was deleted to maintain focus on her craft. In recent years, her biggest project has been the Paramount+ original series Guilty Party, starring as a reporter investigating a woman that murdered her husband. The show failed to make much of an impact on critics or viewers, but the Van Helsing star’s performance was praised by those that did watch the series.

Finally, Kate Beckinsale is a mom, and while it’s horrible to think about, trolls on social media may have been going after her or her family. Wanting to get away from that type of terminally online behavior is completely understandable. Hopefully that’s not the reason, and both her and her family are living happy and healthy lives right now.

Some day, she might pop back up again and tell her millions of followers what happened, or she might not. Kate Beckinsale doesn’t have to answer to anyone if she doesn’t want to, and it’s entirely within her right to have as much, or as little, of a social media prescene as she wants.