Pete Davidson Crashes Car Into Beverly Hills House

Pete Davidson and Chase Sui-Wonders were involved in a car crash, still under investigation.

By Melissa Murphy | Updated

pete davidson

When the paparazzi caught Pete Davidson and his girlfriend, Chase Sui-Wonders basking on the beaches of Hawaii on Saturday, they couldn’t have guessed that the two would be making headlines for a very different reason by the end of the day. According to TMZ, later that evening, the two were involved in a car crash in Beverly Hills that damaged a Flats neighborhood property. The crash is still under investigation but, as of now, it appears that drugs or alcohol were not involved in the accident.

The crash occurred around 11 PM Saturday night when Pete Davidson, reportedly driving over the speed limit, lost control of his Mercedes and plowed into a Beverly Hills property. The car jumped the curb and may have smashed into the side of a house. He also took out a fire hydrant and left skidmarks on the home’s front lawn. 

There are a few conflicting accounts of the damage so far, with some saying the car struck the home while others claim it only entered the property. Luckily, no one, including Pete and his girlfriend, was hurt during the accident. Although, the property owner will have quite a bit of cleanup and repairs to make to their yard. 

So far, neither Pete Davidson nor Chase Sui-Wonders were charged or cited over the accident, but with the still investigation ongoing, it is unclear what the final outcome will be. There is no word yet on what caused the crash, although high speeds are likely to be a factor.

Many fans were left scratching their heads over the news of Pete’s car accident in Beverly Hills. Just hours earlier, he had been photographed by paparazzi in Hawaii with his girlfriend. With the flight from Hawaii to Los Angeles taking five hours, the two would have had to leave shortly after the photos were taken and crash the Mercedes soon after arriving back in LA. 

pete davidson

Saturday was a busy day for The Suicide Squad actor because Pete Davidson also made an appearance at the Kid’s Choice Awards held at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles earlier that night. On the award show, he announced his next big project. Fans can now expect to see Pete Davidson taking a role in the upcoming Transformers movie, set to be released on June 9th. 

The star’s newest announcement comes as a surprise to fans who had no idea what was coming next for the comedian’s career although many eyes have been turned on him since he began a very public relationship with the HBO Max Generation actress Chase Sui-Wonders. The two were spotted getting cozy on the beach of Kauai in Hawaii on the day of the crash. Pete Davidson noted that the two took the vacation to strengthen their relationship. 

Unfortunately, any relaxation the two were able to get on the beach was likely used up after their rattling car crash later that day. Fans are at least relieved to know the two are doing okay after the accident and can now look forward to Pete Davidson’s role in the upcoming Transformers film.