Jeff Bridges Has A Vital Update About His Cancer Diagnosis

Jeff Bridges gave an important update about his recent fight with cancer. It is encouraging but there were complications along the way

By Doug Norrie | Published

Jeff Bridges The Old Man

Jeff Bridges shared some positive news about his most recent battle with cancer on Monday, saying that after months of treatments, and more than a few ups and downs, that he is currently in remission. It is super encouraging for the 71-year-old actor who gave an honest and enlightening update about his condition on his website, while also sharing some of his goals for the future. Though the cancer has been beaten back, there are other health concerns Bridges is still dealing with in the short-term. 

The personal website for Jeff Bridges had the initial update that the “9×12” cancer mass he had was now the size of a “marble”. This was the first piece of a positive update, saying that the chemotherapy treatments he had received, in this way, had been effective in curbing the growth of the mass. In 2020 he had announced a diagnosis of lymphoma and the treatments he’s been receiving have lasted the better part of the year. 

The second part of the Jeff Bridges update was on the scarier side though. He said that during his treatments he had contracted Covid-19 along the way and because of it was dealing with breathing issues as a side effect. In fact, Bridges said he was still needing to use oxygen as a supplement to help his breathing, especially when doing physical activity. He talked about how he had been double-vaccinated though there were still side effects. 

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And finally, while most of this was encouraging in that it seemed like all of the diagnoses were heading in the right direction, the ultimate goal for Jeff Bridges was to walk his daughter Hayley down the aisle for her wedding without sounding, as he put it, like “Darth Vader”. It appears as if this is the last hurdle for him to clear to have a clean bill of health. 

In all, this was a positive update from Jeff Bridges who, because of his health issues has had to take a break from his on-screen work in recent years. The last notable role for the great actor was in 2018s Bad Times at the El Royale in which he gave a fantastic performance as Father Daniel Flynn. Of course, not was all as it seemed for that character and Bridges was masterful in the part. 

But Jeff Bridges has been able to work on at least one upcoming project that will hit screens on FX on Hulu next year. That will be The Old Man in which Bridges stars as a former intelligence officer whose past has come back to haunt him. It is developed by Jericho’s Jonathan E. Steinberg and will also feature Jonathan Lithgow and Amy Brennaman. The show is set to continue filming with Bridges now on the mend. 

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All in all, this is fantastic news from Jeff Bridges who appears as if he can get back to doing what he does best: crushing it on the big and small screen. We wish him a continued speedy recovery and will look forward to when The Old Man hits screens.