James Corden Getting Roasted Online For Latest Stunt

By Michileen Martin | 20 seconds ago

James Corden

Late night talk show host, actor, and a guy who hosts more awards shows than Ricky Gervais, James Corden is the latest victim of social media roasting for a stunt he participated in, presumably to help promote an upcoming film.

As THR reports, James Corden and Cinderella co-stars Billy Porter, Camila Cabello, and Idina Menzel and others were recorded literally stopping traffic in Los Angeles over the weekend. The performers were all dressed as various Cinderella characters while singing and dancing to “Let’s Get Loud”. Someone in one of the cars the actors blocked recorded the performance on their phone and uploaded it to Twitter. See the video below.

While James Corden is only one of a group of performers in the traffic-stopping flash mob, he distinguishes himself in one particularly cringeworthy moment when — dressed as a rat — he dances up to the captive driver’s window and thrusts his groin in their direction.

Judging by the response on Twitter, the flash mob has not helped with James Corden’s popularity. It probably won’t impact Cinderella ticket sales in a positive way. The social media site filled up rather quickly with tweets hating on the flash mob. The most-favorited types of tweets are those that feature some kind of actor appearing to run over pedestrians.

Some creative Twitter users had pretty interesting ideas for movies other than Cinderella, but we’re not sure James Corden would appreciate them.

At least one user claimed they’d already been a victim of James Corden’s shenanigans, though at the same time suggested that, considering where it happened, it really wasn’t a big deal.

And of course, as always, there were those who elevated the James Corden hate to a level of glorious parody — comparing the flash mob to deadly disasters.

James Corden seems to be doing a pretty bad job overall convincing people to not be annoyed by his antics. Only a couple of months ago, Corden was taken to task for the “Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts” segment on The Late Late Show. A variation on Truth or Dare, the game challenges celebrities to either answer a sensitive question or eat an unappealing piece of food. Social-media influencer Kim Saira took offense to Corden regularly featuring traditional Asian cuisine on the segment, and started a petition to get the segment ripped from the air.

As THR notes in their coverage of the flash mob backlash, being annoyed by James Corden has practically become its own art. Even now, after Corden has moved most of his exploits to the United States, some kind of high profile UK-based Corden-hating story pops up on an almost monthly basis like The Tab‘s June opinion column declaring “we have surpassed a need for James Corden,” Entertainment Daily‘s column the same month that asked “Why is James Corden Annoying?”, and the column published by The Independent earlier this month calling Corden a narcissist and asking how America fell “in love” with him. It’s important to note — to be fair to the Independent — that the latter article was published before the L.A. flash mob and subsequent Twitter roasting.