Elizabeth Hurley Looks Gorgeous In Leather And Short-Shorts For Latest Post

By Douglas Helm | 4 months ago

elizabeth hurley

Elizabeth Hurley took to Instagram recently and is looking as stunning as ever. Her post shows her coming through an old-fashioned. elevator in a trendy leather ensemble. In the post, she thanks the photographer Ellen von Unwerth for the shot. The iconic German photographer is known for her shots of female musicians, models, and actors and she really captures a great shot of the always amazing Elizabeth Hurley in this pic. The photo was part of a shoot they did together for The Sunday Times Style, where Hurley was also featured as the cover. The shoot was styled by Flossie Saunders and featured Hurley in a number of legendary brands like Fendi, Saunt Laurent, Ferragamo, and more. You can see the post below.

If you can believe it, Elizabeth Hurley is now 56 and told The Sunday Times Style the secret to her ageless look is her diet. She mentioned that she cut out processed foods, sweets, and limits alcohol. Plus, she makes sure plants make up at least half her diet. Seems like we can all take a cue from Hurley on being better about our health.

If you’re on the lookout for Elizabeth Hurley’s next acting gig, you’re in luck. She has a couple of projects currently in post-production and one that has completed production. In fact, she just wrapped filming for Christmas in the Caribbean. And while the actress almost certainly enjoyed her time living the island life, she actually ended up getting a sprained ankle while there. Fortunately, the injury isn’t serious and she’s sure to be on the mend soon. Christmas in the Caribbean doesn’t have a release date yet, but the movie tells the story of a bride who was abandoned at the altar and opts to spend Christmas in the Caribbean with her bridesmaids.

Welcome to Georgia is the next project we should see from Elizabeth Hurley. The film has completed production but doesn’t have a release date yet. The movie is about a young couple who need some help raising their kid when their careers get busy, so the wife calls upon her mother, Georgia, to help. But it turns out Georgia has some growing up to do of her own. Hurley will play the role of Georgia while the couple is portrayed by Hannah Simone and Taran Killam.

Finally, Elizabeth Hurley’s upcoming fantasy movie The Piper is in post-production, where she plays Liz, a mother who moves with her daughter to the town of Hamelin and takes a job at a school. Her daughter hears about the legend of the Piper and makes it her class assignment to learn more.

elizabeth hurley father christmas is back
Elizabeth Hurley in Father Christmas is Back (2021)

You can also check out her most recent film Father Christmas is Back on Netflix. In this movie, Elizabeth Hurley plays one of four sisters who reunite on Christmas and learn about a long-hidden family secret. In the meantime, you’ll just have to follow Hurley on Instagram if you want to keep up with her latest looks and activities. She always makes sure to keep fans up to date, so it’s a great profile to follow if you love her work.