See Carmen Electra In A Tiny Bikini Ready To Blast Off

By Jonathan Klotz | Published

carmen electra

Baywatch beauty Carmen Electra is 50 years old and according to her Instagram, looks just as good now as she always has. Wearing a one-piece, the actress is posing with a jetpack, hopefully one that’s water powered otherwise she is going to burn her barely covered backside. The star has been making sporadic television appearances, usually as a reality show guest star, though fans can see more of Electra on the model’s OnlyFans.

Earlier this year, Carmen Electra guest hosted episode five of Domino Masters, which has been to date, her only television appearance in 2022. Last year, the MTV Movie Award winner made guest appearances on Hell’s Kitchen and The Celebrity Dating Game, which again, were her only appearances. At one point, the gorgeous actress was all over television and in multiple movies each year.

Carmen Electra joined the Baywatch franchise through Baywatch Nights, but soon was moved to the main series, becoming a series regular as Lani McKenzie, the lifeguard that wants to become a famous dancer. Though she only starred in the 8th season of the largest show on the planet at that point, Electra made an immediate impact with her stunning good looks. Considered one of the 90’s most infamous sex symbols alongside fellow Baywatch alum Pamela Anderson, Electra leaned into the image from the very start.

Carmen Electra first appeared nude for Playboy in 1996, followed by her second shoot within the year. While the Playboy shoots ere massive hits, the first of many hosting gigs in her career gave the actress a chance to show her personality and natural charisma on a regular basis to a national audience. Taking over for Jenny McCarthy, Electra joined Chris Hardwick as the new host of MTV’s Singled Out.

The odd dating game show was a cult classic, seeing multiple revivals lately, though none have managed to capture the combination of sex appeal, humor, and manic energy that McCarthy and Carmen Electra brought to the original show. The MTV series let fans see a new side of the star, quirky, funny, and self-aware which helped her springboard to something bigger and better just around the corner.

carmen electra

Following Singled Out, Carmen Electra set movie theaters on fire with her acting turns in Scary Movie and Starsky and Hutch. Despite what her detractors may like to claim, the actress received critical kudos for her roles in parody movies and comedies. Not content with being a star on television and movies, 2006 saw the talented sex symbol perform alongside The Pussycat Dolls.

The burlesque dance troupe had, in 2003, shifted to a recording group that stuck to their erotic roots with a heavy focus on sex appeal. Carmen Electra performed multiple times with the group, most notably on stage at the VHI1 Divas special. After appearing on TV, in movies, and on stage consistently for 20 years, in 2015 the star started slowing down and focusing more on her offscreen work.

Today, Carman Electra has discovered a new creative leash on life thanks to her OnlyFans account. No stranger to being a sex symbol, the 50 year old stunner has claimed that now she is excited to be her own boss. With over a million fans on Instagram and approaching 200,000 likes on OnlyFans, the one-time Baywatch beauty shows no signs of slowing down.