See Brie Larson’s Hottest Posts In Nothing But Bras Or See-Through Shirts

Brie Larson's greatest looks are all found in one place.

By Jonathan Klotz | Updated

brie larson

One of the biggest stars working today, Brie Larson, may portray the tough-as-nails Captain Marvel in the MCU, and soon she’ll be joining the Fast and Furious family, but she’s also a style icon. We’ve taken some of her greatest looks covered here on GIANT FREAKIN ROBOT into one list, and the results may overheat a few modems.

There are still months to go before The Marvels hits the big screen, but you don’t have to wait to see Brie Larson’s greatest photos of the year (so far).

5. Brie Larson Hanging Out In A See-Through Top

Our first photos are from a simple shoot done for Harper’s Bazaar in March. The loose-fitting jeans, cowboy boots, and an almost flesh-colored top landed Brie Larson on the prestigious magazine’s cover. Larson matched her lipstick to the see-through top, somehow elevating the simple look to make it high fashion.

Brie Larson is frequently seen in simple outfits for photo shoots, and this isn’t even the last one she did for Harper’s Bazaar.

4. Brie Larson Posing Topless In An Open Jacket

The long-running beauty and culture magazine brings out the best in Brie Larson, as this second photo shoot proves. Wearing what looks like the same boots from the previous photo set, Larson’s open jacket look is eye-catching, managing to be sophisticated yet sexy at the same time. Plenty of magazines have seen celebrities going topless, but few make it looks as effortless as the Oscar winner.

A Chanel jacket over her ripped action-hero physique is head-turning, but Brie Larson admitted in an interview that she likes going unrecognized while walking along the street. How can anyone not recognize the MCU star, given she’s been a fixture on the big screen for years? Well, with her upcoming role in Fast X, it might get a little harder to fool fans on the street.

3. Brie Larson In Only A Bra, On A Swing

Continuing the trend of Brie Larson barely wearing her top is the movie star on vacation with Chloe Zhao, director of The Eternals. On a swing over the ocean, Larson is only wearing a bra paired with a wildly colored pair of pants and low-rise sneakers. The caption to the post references the pair might be working on their next collaboration, which if they are, would be a great pairing, provided it’s not in the MCU.

With the small top, it’s clear that Brie Larson is, again, in amazing shape while swinging over the ocean. Since she was first cast as the cosmic Captain Marvel, Larson’s physicality has matched that of her action-heroine predecessors, Linda Hamilton and Sigourney Weaver.

2. Brie Larson Take Selfies In Just A Bra And Jeans

A series of candid selfies continue the trend of Brie Larson in small tops, this time with a dark-green bra and jeans paired with temporary tattoos. In actuality, she doesn’t have those tattoos, but the nearly complete sleeve is a good look for her. Rounding out the look is a snippet of Evanescence lyrics from the song “Hello,” on the underside of one of her arms.

Brie Larson could pull off any look she wants, as evidenced by this very list, but it’s still impressive she can make a sleeve look that good. Maybe she can use her celebrity to get the band back in the studio for another album since it’s already been three years.

1. Brie Larson Dancing in A Sexy Crop Top

Brie Larson wears another crop top, but this time, she’s dancing. In a tight top and pants, perfect for the flexibility required for dancing, the multi-talented star is following the choreography of Galen Hooks, and it looks like she’s nailing the moves. She usually doesn’t have the chance to show off dance moves in her roles, but if Dancing with the Stars decides to have the biggest star yet on the show, Larson would be a shoo-in.