See Brie Larson Posing Topless In An Open Jacket

Brie Larson wears a jacket, pants, and nothing else in a series of photos for Harpers-Bazaar.

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Brie Larson may spend a decent portion of her time suspended by high wires and performing intense stunt choreography against invisible foes rendered by VFX artists from across the globe, but she also has a whole other side of herself rarely seen by the public. According to a recent interview with Harper’s Bazaar, the star relishes in a state of relative anonymity when not dazzling Marvel audiences on the screen. Larson recently appeared on a cover image of the beauty and culture publication, rocking a Chanel jacket over her topless physique, as seen on Instagram.

According to her interview with the publication, Brie Larson truly enjoys not being recognized in the street as often as her Marvel co-stars, even joking that she resembles a sort of “friend of a friend” style look to passersby. Though the star has been acting since a very young age and touts an impressive Oscar win for best actress in 2015’s Room, she still manages to get by in her day-to-day life without the constant strain of Marvel fans begging for her autograph at every turn. Perhaps this relative anonymity is what motivates her to appear in so many high-end modeling catalogs and red-carpet events, allowing her to enjoy the benefits of stardom without many of the known pitfalls.

Harper’s Bazaar holds over 5.5 million followers on Instagram and frequently works alongside A-list actors to bring style and culture to the forefront of society. Featuring on the cover of the publication puts Brie Larson in the ranks of such names as Winona Ryder, Beyonce, and Yellowjackets actor Juliette Lewis. The publication dates back to 1867, likely providing style tips for ye olde fashionistas of their day.

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Brie Larson in Captain Marvel (2019)

Though the star is best known for her role as Captain Marvel, the intergalactic Avenger responsible for aiding in the defeat of Thanos, Brie Larson has recently joined another major action franchise with the upcoming Fast X. The Fast and Furious film franchise is all about family, with the term becoming a meme on the internet due to its constant use by Vin Diesel’s Dominic Toretto, so it seems only fitting that Brie Larson’s entry into the vast franchise has her playing a character based on Vin Diesel’s real daughter. While little is known about Larson’s character at this time, this behind-the-scenes information sheds some light on her character’s clothing choices in the film.

In the recent Fast X trailer, Larson can be seen sporting a “Good Vibes Only” jacket inspired by the wardrobe of Vin Diesel’s actual 8-year-old daughter. With Fast X, The Marvels, and an untitled third film on the way, 2023 is shaping up to be a very busy year for the Carol Danvers actress. All these projects and more have been teased by Brie Larson numerous times on her Instagram, where she tends to share her misadventures with glee, such as her recent visit to Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios.

Whether she’s putting the brakes on intergalactic baddies across the universe in the MCU or scantily clad on the cover of a major beauty and culture publication, we’re always happy to see more of Brie Larson as she takes her unique brand of style and attitude in her own interesting direction.

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