See Brie Larson Hanging Out In A See-Through Top

Brie Larson posed in a see-through top for Harper's Bazaar.

By Jessica Scott | Updated

brie larson

Harper’s Bazaar is showing off its sexy cover star this month: Brie Larson. Images shared on Instagram show the Marvel star slouched on an oddly shaped gold couch in a matching tan top that is almost completely see-through. The actress is clearly going bra-less as she poses in oversized jeans and similarly oversized white cowboy boots.  

Other images shared in the accompanying cover story by Harper’s Bazaar show Brie Larson in similarly revealing outfits. In one, she poses in a Chanel Jacket with nothing underneath, revealing a fair amount of side boob, and in another, she shows off a golden bra and some cleavage in a long, also oversized, knit shirt and skirt by Prada.

When it comes to daily life, though, Brie Larson makes it a point not to wear flashy clothes out in public so as not to draw attention to herself. Apparently, she is “the classic face of ‘friend of your cousin,’” which means that, while she may look vaguely familiar to people when she is out and about, she is almost never recognized as being the actress from roles like Room and Captain Marvel

This anonymity could not be more precious to Brie Larson, who says that she needs to “be in reality. It’s all I want.” Even if she is a famous actress, she wants to live as normal of a life as possible. In fact, she says that this dedication to “realness” in her life has actually given her a gift for handling confrontation in her personal relationships. She isn’t afraid of an argument because she wants things to be as “true as possible” at all times.

At the moment, Brie Larson is living in London as she shoots some extra scenes for the upcoming Captain Marvel sequel, The Marvels. Recently, she has also finished shooting Fast X, the most recent addition to the seemingly endless Fast and Furious franchise, and Lessons in Chemistry, which is based on a book by Bonnie Garmus. For that one, Larson acts as both executive producer and lead actress.

Lessons in Chemistry was a particularly important role for Brie Larson, as she could relate to the main character: a scientist who gets fired from a job where she was already underappreciated and has to become a TV chef. Larson herself is not a scientist (that we know of), but she does share the character’s experiences with hostility toward women in a male-dominated field. 

When Brie Larson got the role of Carol Danvers in Captain Marvel in 2019, she faced a lot of backlash from people saying she was playing the character in too masculine of a way… but also that she needed to smile more and look prettier. She received a lot of press attention for losing her temper with male reporters and misogyny, but, in the end, that film ended up being the first female-led superhero movie to earn more than $1 billion at the box office. Which makes it all the more surprising that Brie Larson can still go out in public without anyone knowing who she really is.