Brad Pitt Being Investigated By The FBI?

Brad Pitt was the subject of an FBI investigation for a 2016 altercation with his ex-wife, Angelina Jolie and their shared family, the documents are now in Jolie's hands.

By Jonathan Klotz | Updated

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Last year news broke that Brad Pitt was the subject of an FBI investigation based off of complaints filed by Angelina Jolie, as a Jane Doe, stemming from an incident on the couple’s private jet. The Daily Mail reports that the investigation, which came to light through a freedom of information act request, is now in the hands of Jolie for further legal action against the embattled Bullet Train star. A report numbering over a hundred pages is proof that, while Pitt was not charged, the FBI took the investigation seriously and consequences could still be in his future.

The incident that resulted in Brad Pitt being the subject of an FBI investigation occurred in 2016 when he allegedly poured red wine over Angelina Jolie then proceeded to verbally berate the couple’s children. According to Jolie’s claims, Pitt grabbed her, shoved her up against the bathroom door and violently shook her while shouting that she was “f***ing up this family.” After the altercation, the Tomb Raider star filed for divorce, which was granted three years later in 2019.

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s oldest children have started to speak out against their famous father, with Maddox Pitt-Jolie the most vocal about how Pitt was verbally abusive. For his part, the star of Seven is proclaiming he’s innocent, though the stack of documents from the FBI does bolster his ex-wife’s case against him and will be used to secure a protective order. In addition, the FBI will be delivering a second collection of documents to Jolie by the end of the month.

Accusations aren’t just going one direction in the fallout of the former power couple’s marriage as Brad Pitt is taking Angelina Jolie to court over selling her shares of their winery in France. Miraval, which includes a chateau and winery, was purchased by the couple in 2008, and was the location of their wedding in 2014. Pitt alleges that the divorce settlement stipulated that neither of them would sell shares without getting permission from the other.

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Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt in Mr. and Mrs. Smith

Brad Pitt is alleging that Angelina Jolie sold her shares in 2021 to Russian businessman Yuri Sheflar, with the intention of assuming control of Miraval from Pitt. A court date for the alleged financial misdeed is set for next week. While it doesn’t have same punch as seeking protective orders and accusations of assault, it just shows how complicated the dissolution of a long-relationship can be even under the best of circumstances, which this is most definitely not.

Following the Golden Globes this year Brad Pitt was met with backlash on social media accusing the star of being an abuser. Angelina Jolie is determined to get the court to protect herself, her children, and her assets from her ex-husband. While there’s two sides to every story and no one is guilty without going through due process, more and more evidence being collected regarding the abuse allegations against the Babylon star is not a good look.

The family compound in Los Angeles, purchased by Brad Pitt from Elvira in 1994, has been put up for sale with an eye-popping price of $40 million. Currently there have been no buyers, but if Pitt is relocating to a smaller home as he claims, it can be implied he doesn’t expect to have his large family all that often. Angelina Jolie’s next steps towards securing a protective order, in addition to other legal action against her ex-husband, will likely take place this spring after she receives the last of the FBI’s file on Pitt.