Brad Pitt Being Canceled For A Terrifying Reason

After the Golden Globes, Brad Pitt is being called out online for alleged abusive behavior toward his family.

By Charlene Badasie | Published

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Brad Pitt charmed attendees with his dazzling personality at the 80th Golden Globe Awards. But while his peers may have forgotten about the abuse allegations leveled against the actor by Angelina Jolie, folks online have not. In 2016, the actress accused her ex-husband of injuring her and verbally abusing their children during a heated argument on a private jet.

During the awards ceremony, outraged movie fans took to social media to voice their outrage. Two days later, #BradPittIsAnAbuser began trending on Twitter, with many people pointing out how strange the adoration was, despite the abuse allegations. “Brad Pitt is an abuser and none of his older children speak to him,” one person said.

“It’s astounding how an abuser can get away with anything in Hollywood,” an outraged onlooker noted. Another person alluded to Johnny Depp’s legal victory over Amber Heard as the cause of Hollywood glossing over problematic male actors, like Brad Pitt. “His career flourishes after Johnny was praised for being a violent dude. Anything is possible for them ‘cause they got their fans.”

A heavily redacted report, obtained by CNN from an anonymous source, details the 2016 incident in which Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt were traveling back to California with their children after a vacation. She said her former husband had been drinking when he called her to the back of the plane after having a heated discussion with one of the kids.

Jolie says once they entered the restroom, which had a privacy door, Brad Pitt “grabbed and shook her, pushed her into the bathroom wall, and yelled about how she was “f**king up this family.” After the FBI completed an investigation, the actor was not arrested or charged in connection with the incident. The actress filed for divorce following the incident and the dissolution of their marriage was granted in 2019.

Speaking to Vogue India in 2020, Angelina Jolie stood by the abuse allegations, saying she split with Brad Pitt for the sake of her children. “I separated for the well-being of my family,” she told the publication. “It was the right decision to focus on their healing.” She added that her kids often see the media twist the truth. But she reminds them that only they will know what really happened.

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Brad Pitt in Bullet Train

While Brad Pitt denies abusing his family, the actor did admit to having problems with alcohol. In 2017, the Bullet Train star told GQ he had quit drinking after “boozing too much that past year.” And in a 2022 interview with British GQ, the actor said he talked about finding peace. “I always felt very alone in my life,” he said. “It’s really not till recently that I had a greater embrace of friends and family.”

The love and admiration from his friends and peers were fully displayed at the Golden Globes on Sunday night. His Babylon co-star Margot Robbie praised Brad Pitt, saying she’d love to work with him again. During her awards acceptance speech, Abbott Elementary alum, Quinta Brunson gave the actor a shoutout. Austin Butler and Ke Huy Quan also mentioned the 59-year-old in their speeches.