Bill Cosby Sued For Sexual Assault Again

Bill Cosby is being sued by former Playboy model Victoria Valentino, who alleges he drugged and assaulted her in 1969.

By Robert Scucci | Updated

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According to The Hollywood Reporter, Bill Cosby is in trouble once again as more sexual assault allegations against “America’s Dad” have recently surfaced. These most recent allegations filed by former Playboy bunny Victoria Valentino could possibly be the first of many since the state of California recently removed the statute of limitations to file a civil suit for sexual assault.

In her statement, Valentino alleges that Bill Cosby took advantage of her vulnerability when she was mourning the death of her son in 1969, and it was during this time that she was drugged and sexually assaulted.

Valentino states that she experienced grooming and sexual advances from Bill Cosby shortly after her only son tragically died in a drowning accident. The nine-page complaint spells out, in great detail, Cosby’s alleged efforts to drug Valentino and her friend while having dinner at a Sunset Strip steakhouse before bringing them back to his domicile to engage in the alleged assault. It was during the assault that Valentino came to and realized what was happening to her and her friend before attempting to thwart off his advances and flee to safety.

Though some defense attorneys suggest that removing the statute of limitations for sexual crimes is unconstitutional, this revision to the law is finally giving victims of past sexual assaults a voice that they may have felt they didn’t have previously.

Bill Cosby’s spokesperson expressed frustration over the fact that the 85-year-old comedian may not have any living witnesses to help with his defense, but considering the context these claims could have merit.

In other words, there is a validity to having a statute of limitations in some civil cases, but when it comes to sexual assault and the severe emotional trauma that comes along with it, some victims need time to process what happened to them before filing a civil suit against their abuser and reliving such a horrible experience.

They say that past is prologue, and this new lawsuit highlights the same MO that Cosby has been accused of in the past, which only makes things look worse for him moving forward. Considering that Bill Cosby has already served two years of a 10-year sentence in 2018 for the aggravated indecent assault of Andrea Constand in 2004 before being released due to a past non-prosecution agreement with a previous district attorney, it’s not out of the question more victims could come forward with similar stories about Bill Cosby’s alleged sexual misconduct over the decades.

Bill Cosby is also presently facing charges in the state of New York for similar accusations that date back to his times on The Cosby Show after five women sued NBCUniversal for keeping quiet about his known misconduct in the past while the show was in production. Some of these claims date back to the 1980s and 1990s, and all make similar claims that Cosby took advantage of the young women he worked with in ways that are similar to Victoria Valentino’s statement.

Valentino’s statement, if anything, validates the claims that other women are making about Bill Cosby. And with the statute of limitations no longer applying to sexual assaults, one could speculate that more instances of sexual impropriety will surface in the coming months.