The Hulk May Have Quite A Vacation In Store For Him

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The Hulk is about to go cosmic. After the success of The Avengers and the show-stopping appearance of The Hulk, many comic book fans wondered how the big green rage monster would fit into the next phase of Marvel movie domination. Well, it appears The Hulk may be headed for outer space.


According to Latino Review‘s Marvel insiders, the cinematic Marvel Universe has big plans for Dr. Banner and “the other guy.” It’s rumored that, at the end of The Avengers 2, The Hulk will be deemed too dangerous for Earth, and will then be launched into a new solar system. He gets caught in a wormhole and lands on a new planet. According to the rumors, we’d get a Planet Hulk standalone movie, after which The Hulk would return to seek revenge on Earth in The Avengers 3.

The comic version of Planet Hulk was first published in 2006, and saw The Hulk banished from Earth by the Marvel version of the Illuminati. He travels to a distant planet where he becomes a lethal gladiator, and then eventually king. The following series, World War Hulk, could form the narrative of The Avengers 3, possibly with the Avengers teaming up with the Guardians of the Galaxy. If you want to get a feel for Planet Hulk, you can check out Marvel’s animated feature film on Netflix Instant.

It sounds incredible, and Latino Review is usually right about these rumors. If this is the direction that Marvel wants to go in with its Phase 2 and 3, then will the Silver Surfer be finally introduced in these comic book movies? The Surfer plays a big role in Planet Hulk, so it likely that they would bring him into Marvel’s movie universe.

Watch Latino Review’s detailed video of Marvel’s plan for The Hulk below.


  1. silver surfer was already in a marvel movie. .. and I didnt read the comics, but SS definitely was not in the Planet Hulk animated movie. It was Beta Ray Bill.

  2. Dyce Raptor says:

    My thoughts for Hulk in Phase 3 (yes, I know Ant Man and Doctor Strange are going to be in the mix, but I’ll skip over them.)
    Avengers 2- Hulk causes too much destruction (possibly brain controlled). The “Council” introduced in Avengers, along with Nick Fury, decide to send Hulk off at the end. They’re the most ideal replacement for the Illuminati (considering the roster is split between studios). As long as Hulk gets sent off as a reaction to his destructive ways, it doesn’t matter who did it.
    Thor 3- do the Beta Ray Bill story line. If handled correctly he can be to Thor what War Machine is to Iron Man in the MCU.
    Planet Hulk- having established the character of Beta Ray Bill, have him play a much bigger roll in Hulk’s rise through the gladiator to become king. It would prevent main stream audiences from getting confused as to who Beta is if he’s already a major character in the previous movie.
    It’s probably best to have these two movies be 6 months apart, to help the audiences out.
    Avengers 3- unfortunately having the movie be all about Hulk-vs-Everyone will completely undermine the Bruce Banner that Ruffalo and Marvel have created in the MCU. Have Hulk return wanting revenge, and maybe even some fighting. But have him save everyone’s asses.

  3. Aldo Ojeda says:

    Fox owns the movie rights for Silver Surfer, that’s why he isn’t in the cartoon movie. So, even if this rumor is right, we won’t see Silver Surfer in a Marvel studios film.