Netflix Is Dropping Doctor Who And Red Dwarf Soon, Here Are The Details

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SadDocWith a new Doctor in Peter Capaldi and one chapter of his adventures with Clara closed in tragic fashion, the long wait for season 9 of Doctor Who has begun. Thankfully, you can revisit most of the Doctor’s “modern” adventures — beginning with Christopher Eccleston and stretching through the David Tennant and Matt Smith years — on Netflix. I would be very surprised if some of you weren’t in the midst of a trip back through those episodes as I write this. Well, I’ve got some bad news for all you Whovians: Netflix will be dropping Doctor Who from its streaming lineup at the end of the month, along with other British favorites such as Who spinoff Torchwood, cult favorite Red Dwarf, and a ton of other British fare.

The list of expiring material includes a good chunk of the BBC series on Netflix, including notable programs such as A Bit of Fry and Laurie, Black Adder, Fawlty Towers, and Coupling (that last one was created by current Who showrunner Steven Moffat, FYI). In addition to losing Who, Torchwood, and Red Dwarf, sci-fi fans have less than a month to watch Primeval and Survivors. The shows will be available for streaming through Saturday, January 31.

Now a bit of calming perspective: stuff comes and goes from Netflix all the time. Hopefully this mass disappearance of popular British series just means it’s time for Netflix to renegotiate its deal with the BBC, and if that’s the case, some or all of it will likely return to the streaming service before too long. All of this has happened before, and all of this will happen again. Wait, that reminds me of Ron Moore’s Battlestar Galactica, which also recently abandoned Netflix, with no news of when or if it might return. There must be some kind of way out of here…

The good news: most of the soon to be de-Netflixed material is currently available for Amazon Prime customers, so if you’re really irked about the impending loss of Who, it might be time to consider changing streaming provider (assuming you don’t already have both). Or you could sign this petition to try and convince Netflix to get the time lord back in their catalog ASAP.

Otherwise, well…you’ve got a little under three weeks to burn through Eccleston, Tennant, and Smith, not to mention the adventures of Captain Jack and the boys from the Dwarf. If only you had a time machine…


  1. Ronin1572 says:

    Hulu has them too

  2. Jonathan Lau says:

    Hulu has all the episodes

  3. Christina says:

    Along with the site coke and popcorn!! That’s where I turned to when I ran out of episodes of Doctor Who on Netflix

    • ailurophile1 says:

      Yes I’ve been to that site, too, but their videos aren’t closed captioned, and I miss too much dialog.

  4. Eric says:

    What about Classic Doctor Who? Is that being removed as well? I’m still only halfway through the 4th Doctor episodes.

    • Xander says:

      Netflix’s selection of Classic Who is only a small amount of what actually exists anyway (They’re missing two whole Doctors). Hopefully, the comment about this possibly being a sign that they’re renegotiating with the BBC is true and part of that renegotiation will be an expansion of their Classic Who.

    • Danielle Renée Hall says:

      I’m in the same boat as you, my brother and I are watching through classic Who and still have about 8 story arcs to go and not a lot of free time to watch. I know Amazon prime has a bunch as well though

  5. Lisa Falls says:

    Best thing you can do is to call netflix and tell them you want them to keep bbc shows…. I called when I saw the available until note and that’s what the guy told me… He said they make note of it and the amount of calls and requests is what pushes them one way or another… The more we call, the harder they’ll work to reach a compromise. So call call call. The downfall to hulu is commercials… the downfall to prime is paying 100 bucks upfront instead of a little a month.

    • nerdyjen says:

      It’s less than 100

      • Lisa Falls says:

        I hace prime and paid $99… but that was for the shipping, video, and all that. Not sure if they have one solely for video. If they do, my apologies but I was only aware of the full membership for $99 a year.

    • Rachel Eastman says:

      Actually, it is possible to break your Prime fee down into bite sized monthly payments of $9.99, you will pay a bit more in the end, but yes, you can have Prime without the large start-up cost.

    • Ron says:

      So Amazon Prime costs annually about the same as Netflix, and it gets you additional benefits besides some free streaming video.

      • Delightfully Grimm says:

        That’s a pretty sweet deal, is there a way to see what they offer streaming wise before I take the plunge, do you know?

        • Ron says:

          Yes, go to amazon.com, go to instant video and look for stuff on prime instant video. They have a fairly large library, but it’s not all free with prime.

  6. Chris says:

    Do you hear that? It’s the sound of people dropping their Netflix subscriptions in favor of BBC friendly programs.

    I may need to go to Hulu.

  7. Paul Smith says:

    Hold on, does this only apply to the British Netflix? Because that’s only who the petition is targeted at. It says that the Classic Who was already removed in 2013 – but here in the US Classic Who is still very much accessible.

  8. Flik says:

    You bloody colonists get Red Dwarf on Netflix and we don’t?! Ugh too right it’s getting taken off you

    • theTARDISisonfire says:

      “You bloody colonists” just made my entire night.

    • TheGothicLibrarian says:

      I grew up on Dwarf and a part of my job is based on programs about Doctor Who. I’m sorry I didn’t get to pick WHERE in the world I was born, because I would pick Britain in a hyper jump if I could.

  9. mistidawn says:

    No one likes HULUplus it is full of commercials. It is why we pay Netflix and amazon so we get NO commercials.

  10. Ally Pandy says:

    The contracts are up for renewal, that’s whats going on. And its probable that they will re-up with netflix before all of these shows are taken down ( or quickly create a a new deal). and this article has it’s dates wrong. Who and the other shows mentioned are leaving on 2/1 not Jan 31. Not really much of a difference, but I do hate errors. Its just bad journalism.

  11. Sam Mills says:

    I’ve pretty much made the switch to Amazon Prime. They have all Stargate there, Star Trek: TNG in HD (Netflix only has SD) and I simply don’t watch Netflix as much as I used to. In fact, I only cancelled my subscription, but kept it when I found the new Cosmos on there.

  12. I was of the understanding that BBC made an exclusive deal with Amazon & its subsidiaries last year.

  13. Daniel Spinella says:

    Primewire.ag will forsure have them

  14. Robert Thorick says:

    Canadian Netflix has Doctor Who and does NOT have any notifications about expiring at the end of the month. What country is it that you are watching from?

  15. Zanpher says:

    Basic research is good thing. It is BBC that is taking doctor who off of netflix …

  16. towergrove says:

    Better yet purchase a copy of your own. They cant take that away from you.

  17. ailurophile1 says:

    Yes, but I get the classic series on DVD by mail. Are those affected, too? Why didn’t you address that instead of assuming everyone watches only the new series and streams?

  18. Nosila says:

    That’s a major reason as to why I even HAVE Netflix! Bad form!

  19. Soapie0 says:

    I’ve held on to my HuluPlus account because I saw they signed a deal with BBC. They just had to wait until everyone’s licences ran out. But until Hulus deal expires practically anything British will be coming from Hulu. I think it was a smart move on their part. They’re dropping viewers. So sinking all their eggs in one basket might not have been a bad idea. British shows are hot right now.

  20. Kate says:

    the only reason i signed up to netflix was because of Doctor Who. If they are dropping it i’m going to cancel

  21. Dexter says:

    have the mentioned new DW, all of Red Dwarf and i mean all, and working on a Torchwood collection of my own. mix of DVD and Bluray
    So nexflix can bite my shiny metal … bender rules

  22. Will Shields says:

    According to Netflix help, the licensing for the BBC shows are coming up for renewal.

  23. Alli says:

    Stupid Netflix!

  24. Carrie says:

    Is this for Netflix UK or the USA? So sad either way. I signed the petition!

  25. Pat Oldsen says:

    NetFlex don’t rob us of The Doctor. Or you will lose many subscribers.

  26. J Roy says:

    Don’t think this is official yet. They are in discussions

  27. Ismael Jawad says:

    You can watch them on Hulu outside US using these methods http://goo.gl/4ZNf0u

  28. Annavieve DuPlantier says:

    This is such bs! I wake up this morning after having started rewatching red dwarf for perhaps the third time just last night expecting to pick up where I left off and it is NOWHERE TO BE FOUND. So I google it, find this page and learn that all the programs I use netflix for are GONE! If I cant watch british programs then I have no reason to use netflix.

  29. boysfromthadwarf82 says:

    Red Dwarf is gone! This is utter BS! Why get rid of the stuff people actually watch to add crap stuff nobody watches?

  30. Jody Thompson says:

    Just got an email that Amazon Prime is dropping Dr. Who effective 2/15. Nooooo!!!!