X-Men News
  • Created By: Stan Lee & Jack Kirby
  • Movies Launched On: July 14, 2000
  • Number of Movies: 7
  • Owner: Marvel

The X-Men have had two different movie iterations so far and there could be another on the way at some point now that the franchise has moved to Marvel.

Original X-Men Cast News
X-Men Prequels Cast News

The X-Men first came to the big screen back in 2000, offering a new look for superhero and comic book movies in big-budget films. Since then, there have been a number of different offerings with plenty of characters introduced into the mix.

There is more on the way with the X-Men making their way into the Marvel Cinematic Universe as well.

There have been so many X-Men characters over the years that it can be tough to keep track of them all. Here are just a few from the team.

X-Men Characters News

Learn more about the X-Men universe before you dive into the news with our encyclopedia of X-Men terms.

Latest X-Men Franchise News

hunger games

Jennifer Lawrence Says Her Movies After Hunger Games Were A Loss

Jennifer Lawrence says her role in The Hunger Games franchise turned her into a “commodity” in Hollywood.

1 year ago

the penguin

The Casting Of Marvel’s Scariest Villain Was A Complete Fluke

FX’s Marvel series Legion may’ve been a success in the eyes of fans of the source material, but it was …

1 year ago

austin butler human torch

See Austin Butler As A Fan-Favorite X-Men Hero

This fan art depicts Austin Butler as X-Men favorite Gambit.

1 year ago

arnold schwarzenegger mr freeze

Arnold Schwarzenegger Is A Marvel Villain?

In the now defunct Ultimate line of Marvel Comics, Arnold Schwarzenegger was portrayed as being a member of the Hellfire Club.

1 year ago

wandavision Elizabeth Olsen

Elizabeth Olsen Wants To Be In The X-Men With Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine

Elizabeth Olsen wants to co-star in Deadpool 3 or X-Men alongside Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine.

1 year ago

famke janssen

Famke Janssen: See The Plastic Surgery Some Think Derailed Her Career

Famke Janssen garnered strong negative reactions for her post-plastic surgery look and she has accused the X-Men franchise of sexism.

1 year ago

harry potter

See A Harry Potter Star As Magneto

A uses his talents to imagine Jason Isaacs as the X-Men villain Magneto.

1 year ago

new mutants

The Worst X-Men Movie Is Coming To Disney+

The New Mutants will soon be coming to Disney+.

1 year ago

star trek

Star Trek Actor Says Their Trek Hero Is Just Like Their Marvel Character

Rebecca Romijn says there are some uncanny similarities between her Star Trek character Una Chin-Riley, and her X-Men villain Mystique.

1 year ago

fantastic four

Why Fantastic Four Is Not Going To Work

The upcoming Marvel Cinematic Universe version of the Fantastic Four is going to fail, because the team is simply outdated.

1 year ago

henry cavill

See Henry Cavill As The Smartest X-Men Hero

This fantastic fan art shows how Henry Cavill might look as Doctor Hank McCoy, the smartest and furriest X-Man around.

1 year ago

patrick stewart

Exclusive: Patrick Stewart In Talks For Deadpool 3

According to our trusted and proven sources, Patrick Stewart is currently in negotiations to return to the MCU in Deadpool 3.

1 year ago

the office peacock

See The Office’s Rainn Wilson As Marvel’s Wolverine

Bears. Beets. Beating up Hand ninjas.

1 year ago


See Disney Tease The Return Of The X-Men

Disney has teased the return of the X-Men by posting a Twitter gif of Wolverine for Disney Plus Day.

1 year ago

margot robbie

See Margot Robbie As Mystique In X-Men

Could she be the real deal?

1 year ago


X-Men Easter Egg Spotted In She-Hulk?

Coiuld it be anything else?

1 year ago

dwayne johnson marvel

Exclusive: Dwayne Johnson Eyed By Kevin Feige For Major Marvel Villain Role

According to our trusted and proven sources, Dwayne Johnson is being wooed by Marvel for a very important villain role.

1 year ago

michael fassbender marvel

Exclusive: Michael Fassbender Shot A Secret Marvel Appearance

According to our trusted and proven sources, Michael Fassbender is making a secret Marvel appearance, which can only mean more mutants.

1 year ago

giancarlo esposito x-men

Giancarlo Esposito Playing Fan-Favorite X-Men Character For Marvel?

We could soon be in a world in which legendarily intense actor Giancarlo Esposito plays a major X-Men character, and we are here for it.

1 year ago

sadie sink marvel

See Sadie Sink As Jean Grey In The X-Men

Check out an imagining of Sadie Sink as the X-Men’s Jean Grey in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Could this really happen?

1 year ago

hugh jackman
hugh jackman wolverine

Marvel’s X-Men Movie Reboot Has A Title, It Isn’t X-Men

Maybe just Wolverine and His Amazing Friends?

1 year ago

Exclusive: Javier Bardem Has Joined Marvel As A Major Villain

According to our trusted and proven sources, Academy Award-winner Javier Bardem is set to become a major Marvel villain.

1 year ago

the boys karl urban wolverine

See Karl Urban As Wolverine In New Video

Karl Urban as Wolverine? Before you start objecting, check out this amazing video of the Boys star with some mean sideburns.

1 year ago

x-men days of future past

Marvel X-Men Reboot Takes Huge Step Forward

Marvel is bringing back the X-Men and we’re finally about to get some long-awaited big news about the project. But …

1 year ago

margot robbie

Exclusive: Margot Robbie In Final Talks For Major Marvel Role

Her comic book movie adventures have just begun.

1 year ago

hugh jackman wolverine

Exclusive: Russo Brothers Interested In Wolverine Movie

According to our trusted and proven sources, the Russo Brothers are sniffing around the prospect of a solo Wolverine movie.

1 year ago

taron egerton

Taron Egerton Met With Marvel About Wolverine, Our Scoop Confirmed

We called it, he confirmed it!

1 year ago

Cameron Diaz Marvel

Exclusive: Cameron Diaz In Talks For Key Marvel Cinematic Universe Role

Our trusted and proven sources say that Cameron Diaz is being wooed by Marvel, but what character could she be up for?

1 year ago

chris evans deadpool 3

Chris Evans To Play Wolverine?

Chris Evans has been hinting that he wants to return to the MCU at some point, but he might be returning as a different character, and that might be Wolverine.

1 year ago