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  • Created By: Stan Lee & Jack Kirby
  • Movies Launched On: July 14, 2000
  • Number of Movies: 7
  • Owner: Marvel

The X-Men have had two different movie iterations so far and there could be another on the way at some point now that the franchise has moved to Marvel.

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X-Men Prequels Cast News

The X-Men first came to the big screen back in 2000, offering a new look for superhero and comic book movies in big-budget films. Since then, there have been a number of different offerings with plenty of characters introduced into the mix.

There is more on the way with the X-Men making their way into the Marvel Cinematic Universe as well.

There have been so many X-Men characters over the years that it can be tough to keep track of them all. Here are just a few from the team.

X-Men Characters News

Learn more about the X-Men universe before you dive into the news with our encyclopedia of X-Men terms.

Latest X-Men News

What X-Men’s Cyclops Really Shoots From His Eyes

If you’ve heard of the X-Men, chances are you know who Cyclops is. Right now, you’re probably thinking of a …

1 year ago

ryan reynolds deadpool 3 feature

Deadpool 3 To Feature All New Marvel Versions Of The X-Men?

Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld recently teased the possibility of all the X-Men possibly having cameos in Deadpool 3.

1 year ago

x-men marvel feature
Liev Schreiber

Liev Schreiber Finally Explains Why He Hasn’t Played Sabertooth Again

Liev Schreiber says he was not contacted to reprise his role as Sabertooth in Logan.

1 year ago

Halle Berry Confirms She’s Returning To X-Men For Marvel?

Halle Berry has social media abuzz with speculation over a possible Storm X-men reprisal with this new photo.

1 year ago

Marvel Doesn’t Need To Recast All Of Fox’s X-Men

Regardless of what other X-Men are recast as mutants come to the MCU, Marvel should consider keeping the cast of 2020’s The New Mutants intact.

1 year ago

best supervillain

7 Best Supervillains In Superhero Movies

These are the best (and worst) supervillains ever seen in superhero movies.

1 year ago

Robert Downey Jr

10 Best Superhero Origin Movies That Defined A Genre

From Superman: The Movie to Shazam!, these superhero origin movies are a must-watch.

1 year ago

jenna ortega

See Jenna Ortega As Rogue From X-Men

Jenna Ortega is Rogue in this piece of fan art.

1 year ago

netflix wednesday jenna ortega

Art Shows Jenna Ortega As X-Men’s New Rogue

Jenna Ortega is a goth mutant in this fan art.

1 year ago

halle berry

See Halle Berry Replaced As X-Men’s Storm By Keke Palmer

We use AI to reimagine Storm as played by Keke Palmer of Nope fame.

1 year ago

hugh jackman wolverine

The Best Actors To Replace Hugh Jackman As Wolverine

Hugh Jackman will likely leave the role of Wolverine behind after Deadpool 3, leaving the part available for one of these actors to take over.

1 year ago

halle berry

See Halle Berry Living Her Best Life In A Black Bikini

Halle Berry loves to relax by the sea in a black bikini.

1 year ago

The Word Sex Is Hidden On Every Page Of One Of Marvel’s X-Men Comics

Grant Morrison’s New X-Men #118 contains an elaborate prank from the entire creative team, with “sex” appearing in the background of every page in an issue about subliminal influence.

1 year ago

Chloe Bailey Wants To Play The Most Iconic X-Men Member

Swarm star Chloe Bailey would like to play X-Men’s Storm for the MCU.

1 year ago

aaron stanford

Patrick Stewart’s X-Men Co-Star Just Became A Star Trek Villain

Aaron Stanford, who plays the mutant Pyro in the second and third X-Men movies, had a guest appearance as a villain on Episode 2 of Star Trek: Picard’s third season.

1 year ago

daniel radcliffe wolverine

Daniel Radcliffe Looks Perfect As Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine Replacement, See The Image Now

Popular fan artist BossLogic gives fans a preview of what Daniel Radcliffe might look like as Wolverine.

1 year ago

millie bobby brown

See Millie Bobby Brown Replace Eliott Page As X-Men’s Kitty Pryde

A fan artist makes an intriguing image of Millie Bobby Brown as the X-Men’s Kitty Pryde.

1 year ago

James Marsden

James Marsden Is Returning To His Best Role?

James Marsden said in a recent interview he’s willing to return as Scott Summers, Cyclops of the X-Men, in a future MCU movie.

1 year ago

wolverine kevin feige

Hugh Jackman Announces His Body Is Permanently Damaged From Playing Wolverine

Hugh Jackman says that playing Wolverine permanently damaged his vocal cords.

1 year ago

patrick stewart professor x

Patrick Stewart’s Best Role Isn’t Picard, It’s Charles Xavier, Here’s Why

Opinion Editor Michileen Martin argues that while he may be better remembered as Jean-Luc Picard of Star Trek, the best Patrick Stewart role is his time as Charles Xavier in 2017’s Logan.

1 year ago

x-men days of future past

The Best X-Men Actor Was Almost In The White Lotus

Evan Peters was nearly case in White Lotus season 2 on HBO.

1 year ago

evangeline lilly

Evangeline Lilly Reveals Why She Rejected Hugh Jackman

Evangeline Lilly turned down Hugh Jackman’s suggestion she join an X-Men movie.

1 year ago

Patrick Stewart Ian McKellen

Patrick Stewart And Ian McKellen Are Teaming Up Again?

Patrick Stewart hints that he and Ian McKellen have a new project on the way.

1 year ago

x-men vote days of future past

The Best Magneto Actor Returning To The Marvel Cinematic Universe?

Magneto, as played by Sir Ian McKellen, was hinted at returning in a recent interview with Patrick Stewart.

1 year ago

Giancarlo Esposito Professor X

Our Patrick Stewart Deadpool 3 Exclusive Confirmed

Patrick Stewart confirms our scoop from September that he’s been in talks to reprise his role as Professor X in the upcoming Deadpool 3.

1 year ago

brad pitt cable

See Brad Pitt As X-Men’s Cable For Deadpool 3

Brad Pitt appears in AI-generated art as the time-traveling mutant Nathan Summers, aka Cable.

1 year ago

jensen ackles

See Jensen Ackles As Cyclops In The Marvel Cinematic Universe

Fan artist 21XFOUR post his imagining of Jensen Ackles as Cyclops of the X-Men.

1 year ago

alan cumming obe

X-Men Fan Favorite Actor Just Returned Their Highest Honor

X-Men 2 star Alan Cumming recently returned his OBE to the British government.

1 year ago

ke huy quan

Ke Huy Quan Had A Surprising Role In Making Marvel’s Groundbreaking Movie

Ke Huy Quan worked as a fight coordinator for X-Men, the superhero film that started the comic book movie explosion.

2 years ago