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  • Created By: Stan Lee & Jack Kirby
  • Movies Launched On: July 14, 2000
  • Number of Movies: 7
  • Owner: Marvel

The X-Men have had two different movie iterations so far and there could be another on the way at some point now that the franchise has moved to Marvel.

Original X-Men Cast News
X-Men Prequels Cast News

The X-Men first came to the big screen back in 2000, offering a new look for superhero and comic book movies in big-budget films. Since then, there have been a number of different offerings with plenty of characters introduced into the mix.

There is more on the way with the X-Men making their way into the Marvel Cinematic Universe as well.

There have been so many X-Men characters over the years that it can be tough to keep track of them all. Here are just a few from the team.

X-Men Characters News

Learn more about the X-Men universe before you dive into the news with our encyclopedia of X-Men terms.

Latest X-Men News

jon hamm

Jon Hamm Finally Confirms The X-Men Casting Rumors

Remember The New Mutants? You know, that movie that was delayed for so long it may as well have been …

2 years ago

kodi smit-mcphee nightcrawler

Kodi Smit-McPhee Returning As Nightcrawler For Marvel?

Kodi Smit-McPhee has hinted that he’d like to return as Nightcrawler for the X-Men in the Marvel Cinematic Universe

2 years ago

patrick stewart
patrick stewart professor x marvel

See Patrick Stewart’s Professor X In The Full Doctor Strange 2 Trailer, Our Scoop Confirmed

With plenty to unpack, the trailer confirmed the news that Giant Freakin Robot first reported a year ago: Patrick Stewart’s Professor X will play a role in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

2 years ago

channing tatum hateful eight

Channing Tatum’s Canceled Gambit Movie Reveals A Unique X-Men Story

The movei Channing Tatum wanted to make was a bit off the beaten path.

2 years ago


X-Men Star Says No To Spider-Man Spinoff?

While we now know the casting won’t come to fruition, the idea of re-casting actors in different Marvel roles has been seen throughout the emergence of the popular genre.

2 years ago

channing tatum dog

Channing Tatum Reflects On Mistake That Cost Him Marvel’s Gambit Movie

Channing Tatum still wishes he’d gotten to play Gambit.

2 years ago

taron egerton

Taron Egerton Raises Wolverine Casting Questions After Latest Bathroom Pics

Is Taron Egerton the next Wolverine?

2 years ago

x-men marvel feature

An Original X-Men Star Wants To Return As Character For Marvel

The X-Men prospect is definitely an exciting one. In a world where Marvel movies have been dominating the film spectrum for many years now, mixing the universes would always be an interesting endeavor for the actors, but most importantly, the fans.

2 years ago

x-men vote days of future past

X-Men Fans Are Voting Right Now For The Newest Team Member

You can help decide who will become the next member of the X-Men!

2 years ago

x-men marvel

X-Men Star Confirms They’d 100% Join The Marvel Universe

Well, whatever Marvel may decide, at least one X-Men star is more than ready to reprise his role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe

2 years ago

channing tatum

Exclusive: Channing Tatum In Talks For Marvel Role That Isn’t Gambit

We have now learned that Marvel is in talks with Channing Tatum for an upcoming role. Surprisingly, the role they are talking about is not Gambit.

2 years ago

hugh jackman 2

Hugh Jackman Shows Off His Skills For Next Big Project In Fun Videos

Hugh Jackman has too much fun in these new videos!

2 years ago


Exclusive: Beyonce Has Her Sights On Playing Storm In The Marvel Universe

Thanks to a trusted and proven inside source, Giant Freakin Robot has now learned that Beyonce told the head of Marvel, Kevin Feige, that she wants to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

2 years ago

halle berry

Halle Berry Returning As Storm In Marvel Universe?

Could Halle Berry play Storm again?

2 years ago

kelsey grammer

Kelsey Grammer Is Making a Comeback In New Series With Wesley Snipes

Paper Empire has added five-time Emmy Award winner Kelsey Grammer to the show’s already stacked cast. Kelsey Grammer will join the previously-announced cast for the upcoming action series.

2 years ago

jessica chastain

See Jessica Chastain Lead A Trio of Dangerous Spies In First Look At The 355

Jessica Chastain is fierce in the first look at The 355!

2 years ago

kelsey grammer beast

Kelsey Grammer Confirms Whether He’d Return As Beast For Marvel’s X-Men

Kelsey Grammer reveals whether or not he’d once again be one of the X-Men!

2 years ago


Exclusive: Kevin Feige Wants An X-Men Series, But Disney Wants A Movie

Disney now owns the X-Men characters and so Marvel gets to move forward with bringing them into their cinematic universe. Kevin Feige wants to see this happen via a show.

2 years ago

x-men animated series

X-Men Animated Series Getting A Reboot From Marvel

The X-Men animated series has remained a fan favorite over the years, and now Disney is reviving the show with a brand new batch of episodes.

2 years ago

x-men first class

X-Men Star Slams Treatment Of Their Character

One of the stars of the X-Men franchise isn’t happy with how his character was treated.

2 years ago

daniel craig

Exclusive: Daniel Craig Wanted For Marvel Villain Role

We’ve exclusively learned that Marvel wants Daniel Craig to play a villain in their movies.

2 years ago

margot robbie i tonya

See Margot Robbie As Dazzler In X-Men

Want to see Margot Robbie play Marvel’s Dazzler? Check out this amazing image of Robbie as the ’70s-themed meber of the X-Men!

2 years ago

star trek, patrick stewart, captain picard

The Star Trek And X-Men Crossovers Are Absolutely Bonkers

Did you know the X-Men have met the heroes of Star Trek?

2 years ago

professor x james mcavoy

Professor X Revealed In Doctor Strange 2 Art, Our Scoop Confirmed

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness threatens to shake up the Marvel cinematic multiverse even more beyond the events …

2 years ago

marvel multiplayer midnight suns

Marvel Multiplayer Game From Insomniac Games In The Works?

Insomniac could be working on an upcoming Marvel multiplayer game!

2 years ago

professor x james mcavoy

James McAvoy Speaks About Returning As Professor X In Upcoming Marvel Movie

James McAvoy is speaking up about Marvel and X-Men.

2 years ago

danny devito streaming

See Danny DeVito As Wolverine With Claws Out

Have you ever wanted to see Danny DeVito as Wolverine? Now’s your chance.

2 years ago

oscar isaac

Oscar Isaac Had An Excruciating Time Filming One Of His Most Popular Movies

Oscar Isaac had a truly horrible time making one of his biggest movies.

2 years ago

patrick stewart professor x marvel

See Patrick Stewart Revealed In Upcoming Marvel Universe Movie?

Patrick Stewart looks to have been revealed as Professor X in a new MArvel movie.

2 years ago