See Halle Berry Living Her Best Life In A Black Bikini

Halle Berry loves to relax by the sea in a black bikini.

By Nathan Kamal | Updated

halle berry

Halle Berry has been spending a lot of her time recently in very intensive training for an upcoming film, so it is good to see that the Moonfall actress is taking some time to chill out and relax. In a recent post to her extremely popular Instagram account (which currently boasts over eight million followers), Berry is seen dressed in a black bikini, a glass of wine in hand, leaning against a glass wall against the backdrop of a peaceful-looking ocean. If there is one thing that Halle Berry knows how to do, it is live her best possible life.

In recent months, Halle Berry’s social media has been full of very intense workouts, which she has been using to help promote rē•spin, a website she co-founded and describes as a “digital health, awareness, and wellness community.” At the very least, the 56-year-old has definitely been showing off how exactly she stays in such incredible shape, not the least of which with the occasional steamy shower selfie

According to Halle Berry, the workouts (courtesy of celebrity trainer Peter Lee Thomas) are in preparation for her upcoming thriller movie Never Let Go, which was formerly known in pre-production as Mother Land. The Alexandre Aja-directed movie reportedly follows Berry as the mother of twin boys whose family has been haunted by a malevolent spirit for years; the hook seems to be that Berry’s primal need to protect her children comes into doubt as one of the children begins to question the reality of whatever is haunting them.

It sounds like a pretty high-concept movie, which is familiar territory for Halle Berry. Over the years, the star has done everything from critically acclaimed family dramas (like Monster’s Ball, for which she won the Academy Award for Best Actress) to comic book movies (portraying the weather-controlling mutant Ororo Munroe aka Storm throughout Fox’s X-Men franchise) to mind-bogglingly weird science fiction movies like Roland Emmerich’s lunar disaster movie Moonfall and the Wachowski’s genre-bending epic Cloud Atlas. 

halle berry

But with all of that on her resume and a number of new movies coming out, it is good that Halle Berry can slip on one of her trademark black bikinis and chill out with a glass of white wine, the wind whipping her chic pixie cut around her. It is possible that Berry will be reprising the role of Storm in Deadpool 3 alongside a number of X-Men actors (at least if Ryan Reynolds gets his way, which he always seems to), so she should savor the relaxation while she can.