Halle Berry Shows Off Her Toned Glutes In Sexy Workout Video

Halle Berry shows off her new workout routine online.

By Nathan Kamal | Updated

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Before Halle Berry was an A-list movie star and an Academy Award winner, she was a successful model and world-famous beauty pageant competitor. As one might expect, that kind of work requires one to stay in very good shape and it seems that the John Wick star has not slacked on that. In a post to her popular Instagram account, Halle Berry revealed that she would be tracking her fitness routine (or fitness “journey,” in the parlance of our time) as she prepares for her latest film. 

In the video posted to social media, Halle Berry, dressed in black workout gear, shows off a number of clips of her current workout regimen, watched over by her personal trainer, noted stuntman and fight coordinator Peter Lee Thomas. According to the caption of the post, the Moonfall actress will be tracking her workout for the world with rē•spin, a “digital health, awareness, and wellness community” she founded. If one is so inclined, it seems that Halle Berry will be demonstrating her workouts every Friday morning for the foreseeable future and then listing her diet, supplements, and other notable health information immediately after.

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Also according to Halle Berry, the training for her upcoming movie is a physical challenge she has never faced before, which is impressive considering she has fought (on-screen) alongside Keanu Reeves in the John Wick series and portrayed a disgraced MMA fighter in the 2020 movie Bruised. Her upcoming movie is titled Never Let Go and is a psychological thriller about a mother attempting to protect her twin sons from a malevolent spirit attacking them, so it sounds like things are going to get pretty dark. 

Interestingly, Never Let Go was initially announced as being titled Mother Land (and is still listed that way on IMDb), but there is no indication why the title has been changed. While it is not terribly unusual for a movie to be renamed at some point during development, it does feel a little odd that the Halle Berry movie would be changed to a title extremely close to the 2010 Andrew Garfield/Keira Knightley science fiction film Never Let Me Go. Title aside, there will probably not be that many people that mistake an action-heavy supernatural thriller film starring Halle Berry for a meditative sci-fi movie adapted from acclaimed author Kazuo Ishiguro starring one of several Spider-Men, so the production is probably safe.

Halle Berry has an interesting social media presence, in that a good deal of the time she appears to just be chilling out with a glass of wine or showing off her favorite lingerie, then drops in some hardcore workouts like this. However, it has become increasingly popular for stars to show off the intense physical training that it takes to be a Hollywood star these days, with everyone from Brie Larson to Jenna Ortega displaying their skills in weightlifting or yoga. Halle Berry is certainly not to be outdone by anyone, at least not with online workouts.

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