Evan Peters

mare of easttown

Dark Thriller Series Features Superstar Solving Small Town Mystery

If you’re looking for an extraordinary miniseries to binge watch this weekend, try Mare of Easttown. This grim, engrossing detective …

3 months ago

tron series disney plus

Tron: Ares Finally Reveals Itself In Villainous Image

Disney has revealed the first look at the villainous red suit in the upcoming third Tron film, entitled Tron: Ares. …

4 months ago

tron disney tron ride

Tron Fans Rejoice As Ares Finally Begins

Although it may come with its own unique set of flaws and problems, today we’re grateful for social media as …

5 months ago

Gillian Anderson

Gillian Anderson Joining Long-Awaited Sci-Fi Sequel

Gillian Anderson is the latest to join the cast of Tron 3, also known as Ares. While her role is …

5 months ago

american horror story

The Scariest Seasons Of American Horror Story

The newest season of American Horror Story is underway, and fans are loving the Rosemary’s Baby vibe that it’s giving …

9 months ago

Evan Peters Returning As Quicksilver In The MCU?

Before playing Jeffrey Dahmer in Netflix’s Dahmer – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story, Evan Peters was Quicksilver in three X-Men …

10 months ago

evan peters

Evan Peters’ Best Movies & TV Shows: Ranking His Top Work

During Evan Peters’ nearly 20-year career, he has shown he can tackle just about any movie and TV show genre …

11 months ago

evan peters quicksilver wandavision

Our Evan Peters Tron 3 Exclusive Confirmed

The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed from earlier this month that Evan Peters has joined the cast of Tron: Ares.

12 months ago

Exclusive: Evan Peters Cast In Tron 3

We’ve learned that Evan Peters will be starring in Tron 3, aka Tron: Ares, in a major role.

1 year ago

Evan Peters Sparks Outrage Over His Golden Globes Speech

After Evan Peters won the Golden Globe for Best Actor, earned portraying serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer, he never mentioned the families of the victims, angering the survivors.

1 year ago

dahmer netflix

Dahmer Netflix Series Hits A Record Only Three Other Shows Have Reached

Ryan Murphy‘s newest venture into the mind of serial killers, Dahmer – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story, debuted on Netflix …

2 years ago

evan peters

Evan Peters Wants To Star In A Romantic Comedy

Evan Peters had expressed interest in doing something normal like a rom-com before landing the role of Jeffrey Dahmer on Netflix

2 years ago

Cast Of Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story

Netflix Dahmer Series Has Been Replaced As #1

The Netflix Dahmer series has been overtaken by another Ryan Murphy production, The Watcher.

2 years ago

evan peters

Evan Peters’s New Netflix Series Has Achieved A Huge Record

Evan Peters stars in Dahmer – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story, which is now the most watched show on Netflix.

2 years ago

evan peters jeffrey dahmer

See Evan Peters Transform Into Jeffrey Dahmer

Evan Peters transforms into Jeffrey Dahmer in the Dahmer – Monser: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story trailer.

2 years ago

evan peters quicksilver wandavision

See Evan Peters As An Infamous Serial Killer

Evan Peters is set to take on a brand-new role, which will see the man transform into one of the most infamous serial killers.

2 years ago

kate winslet

Kate Winslet’s Mare Of Easttown Sequel Is In The Works

Kate Winslet may be bringing us more Mare of Easstown!

3 years ago

evan peters quicksilver ace ventura wandavision cameos

Ace Ventura 3 Happening, Evan Peters To Star?

Ace Ventura 3 is definitely happening, and we reported that Evan Peters is the frontrunner.

3 years ago

evan peters quicksilver wandavision

Evan Peters Will Return In A Marvel Movie

Evan Peters is coming back in this upcoming Marvel movie.

3 years ago

aaron taylor-johnson

Why Aaron Taylor-Johnson Isn’t Playing Quicksilver In WandaVision

Aaron Taylor-Johnson was conspicuously absent from WandaVision when Pietro Maximoff finally made his return to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Instead, …

3 years ago

evan peters quicksilver ace ventura wandavision cameos

Exclusive: Evan Peters To Be The New Ace Ventura

Evan Peters is being sought for a third Ace Ventura movie.

3 years ago

evan peters quicksilver

See Evan Peters In Quicksilver’s Classic Comic Book Costume For WandaVision

See Evan Peters in the classic Quicksilver costume.

3 years ago

evan peters

Evan Peters Is Secretly In WandaVision

Evan Peters has apparently been cast in the first season of WandaVision and might even be returning to a previously held Marvel role.

3 years ago